Twitter Gaffe: Best Thing to Happen to 720?

At this point you have probably already heard about Adam Orth’s now infamous Twitter gaffe. Shoot at this point it has made the News. Like, the real News not just videogame news!

While Adam claims the slightly aggressive nature of his posts was meant in good fun, the backlash is incredible…and I for one am glad. There has been plenty of discussion of why “Always Online” consoles are an awful awful idea, but now the effect is magnified. Now it’s clear that this isn’t some vocal minority but most gamers. It has apparently already evolved to Meme status and now with a few words and a picture, the argument against always online consoles is so simple and easy to digest you’d have to be an idiot to think it’s a good idea!


As such, at this point Microsoft basically can’t announce an Always Online console. They outright can’t. Could you imagine if they tried that at E3? They’d be boo’ed off stage (or at least should be)! Some folks speculate that maybe Microsoft was planning this but now have to rethink and remove such a “feature” from the console, thus delaying its launch. If so? Good. I think we would all rather wait a couple extra months than have to spend the next couple years dealing with broken bullshit always online crap.

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