Dragon’s Crown May Contain Multi-Sorceress Action!

No doubt we’re all familiar with the Dragon’s Crown fiasco I wrote about earlier. Well George Kamitani wrote a professional response to Kotaku as you can see here (though Jason Schrier still insists on being immature about it).

There is a lot that can be said and discussed about this post, but there is one line that may be slipping under people’s radar amidst this controversy that brings us a delightful bit of news:

“We receive many requests from companies to create publicity illustrations for the game, but we never received any requests for the Dwarf. […]

So, I decided to unofficially draw a sweaty Dwarf in a bathing suit, with a bit of cynicism towards those retailer requests. I drew 3 of them to show that there are character color variations available.

Yes, that’s right: Dragon’s Crown contains color variations! Why is this important? Well aside from the fact that I appreciate any character customization options no matter how miniscule, why else would you have multiple color variations in a multiplayer game?

The answer is, of course, so that you can have multiples of the same character! This is fantastic news! Lets be real here: Everyone is gonna wanna play the Sorceress and if you could only have one Sorceress per game? Well we’d see a lot of people joining and leaving games when they found the Sorceress was already picked.

Trust me, I played (and loved) Sacred: Citadel. That game had this exact problem.

But with the ability to have multiple of the same character, it will make online matchmaking much more plausible. To say nothing of the eyebrow raising spectacle that will be an all Sorceress playthrough.

Mind you this isn’t 100% confirmed. They could still have color variations for customization but still only allow one of each class per game. But I have a good feeling about this.

Personally, I hope this means I can put the Sorceress in a red dress with purple gloves and shoes and name her Jessica.


I’m not sure why, but that seems like the best idea ever!

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4 Comments on “Dragon’s Crown May Contain Multi-Sorceress Action!”

  1. Paul Shuster Says:

    My wife loves Jessica Rabbit.

  2. Striker Says:

    I prefer the Amazon, personally.

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