The Evil Within: The Worst Trailer Ever?

So chances are you have already seen the trailer for The Evil Within, or at least links to it. The thing is plastered all over YouTube, XBox Live, and gaming websites.

So what is this game? The heck if I know! Because the trailer tells you jack squat!

Now from other sources I hear this is Shinji Mikami’s (creator of Resident Evil) new survival horror game. That’s…wonderful. Sure would like it if the trailer you’re cramming down my throat told me anything about the game! But no, just random “scary” clips thrown around.

Scary clips that, to me, are just silly.

…I mean really? A safe?!

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6 Comments on “The Evil Within: The Worst Trailer Ever?”

  1. Billy Says:

    When I first saw it, it just looked like random horror movie images. And a guy who looks kind of like a roll that pro-wrestler Kane might be given in a horror film.

    The second time I watched it, I realized there were only a few characters. There is barbwire and broken glass guy, and four-armed pool of blood woman. Barbed wire guy looks to have mother issues.

    I’m not saying that the trailer is good. It is more a horror movie trailer than a horror game trailer. But I am assuming that it is showing characters that are in the game, and that the game will be about.

    For the actual gameplay, we’ll have to wait. I’ve some faith in Shinji Mikami, but I have no faith at all in Bioware. They could put out anything at this point.

    • GEL Says:

      Yeah if you watch it enough you kinda piece things together but fuck if I don’t HATE horror movie trailers like this and a game getting one is extra aggravating because…I mean…what even IS it?!

      And unfortunately my mind pieces together how stupid some of the imagery is BEFORE what it’s actually supposed to BE. WHY ARE YOU FULL OF GLASS?! WHY DO YOU HAVE A SAFE FOR A HEAD?!

      I think what really GETS me is how USELESS this trailer is! It sure as fuck wasn’t cheap to do all this live action crap! AND they have it plastered EVERYWHERE! So having something that tells me NOTHING about you game (not even a “From the creator of Resident Evil”)? Seems like a waste of resources, but then again what do I know? I’m just the guy who watched the trailer and burst out laughing the first three times.

      • Billy Says:

        Yeah, I’m really surprised that they didn’t play up Shinji Mikaki’s name. I didn’t expect them to mention Resident Evil by name, but I expected something like “From the father of video game horror” or “From the master of…” or whatever. It would even fit the movie trailer theme…

        On a completely unrelated note, I just recently found out that DreamFactory released a PS2 girl’s fighting game based on a manga? Kakutou Bijin Wulong, or Fighting Beauty Wulong. No idea if it was any good or not, as I can’t really find much about it except a really low Famitsu score.

      • GEL Says:

        XD Well it certainly doesn’t *LOOK* good. But then again, THE All-Star Kakuto Matsuri (All-Star Fighter in Europe) surprised me in being decent-esque.

      • Billy Says:

        Yeah, I’m not really sure what to think of it.

        The video of the 1-on-1 match I linked looks pretty bad. It could be a guy just mashing buttons against the AI, but the action looks sluggish and there doesn’t seem to be much move variety.

        The Story mode seems to be more a brawler with occasional 1-on-1 boss fights. But the brawler parts seem fairly basic looking at other videos. Girl gets rushed by several thugs, beats them all, then moves to the next area.

        It looks like characters only have a couple of throws each, though I don’t know how much duplication there is. (The video maker left out duplicates.)

        Hrm, a better fight video, but it still looks fairly unimpressive, particularly with DreamFactory’s background.

  2. Paul Shuster Says:

    It seems like video game trailers don’t have much to do with the games that come out. For example, the Dead Island trailer, was just a nice short story about zombies, but didn’t reflect the game very well.

    Or, the Bioshock Infinite “Beast of America” TV commercial, which reflected gameplay but was at odds with the plot.

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