Dead or Alive 5 Ultimate Trailer confirms Leon’s Back

I mentioned the announcement of a “NEW PROJECT” for Dead or Alive 5 earlier. Well now KoeiTecmo has made it more official. The title will apparently be called Dead or Alive 5 Ultimate and “will be available on the Xbox 360 and PlayStation 3 as both a retail title and digital download at some point this fall.”

Unfortunately I have no clue what that means. Will it be like Super Street Fighter IV Arcade Edition, where you can either purchase the new content as DLC or on a disc? Or when they say “digitally” do they just mean you can purchase the whole shebang online as is quickly becoming the norm?

KoeiTecmo better come out with some answers soon as one look at their Twitter shows a lot of angry customers, myself potentially included. Anyone who reads this blog knows how hard I’ve been trying to sell people on this game as DOA5 is one of my favorite fighters of the generation. So having an “Ultimate” release like this just gives the nay-sayers something to thump their chest about and lowers interest in people I was just about to sell on the blasted thing!

I would direct you to the official website listed in the trailer, but as of this post it is not up. Hopefully they will have some answers there and clarify some things, but Team Ninja really should have prioritized convincing people they aren’t money grubbing scumbags. In this current gaming market all companies are money grubbing scumbags until proven otherwise so…that should be a priority, you know?

Well regardless it at least seems Team Ninja at least heard the biggest complaint about DOA5: the lack of Leon.

I am completely serious, most of the complaints about the game I’ve heard stem from hardcore Leon players. He apparently has a lot of fans. Admittedly, I can’t blame them. Players get very attached to their characters in fighting games and I openly admit that if they cut Lisa I would never buy another DOA again until she came back. Lisa completely transformed that game for me.

Thankfully, the latest trailer confirms Leon’s back



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