Skullgirls on 360 ACTUALLY GETS PATCHED!

Skullgirls has been…an interesting ride. When it was first announced four years ago, the game was massively overhyped to the point where it was inescapeable! You literally could not talk about a fighting game without someone yelling “Skullgirls is gonna be better!”. It drove me to the brink of madness!

When the game finally hit though I did admit, perhaps half begrudgingly due to my experiences, that it was good.

However, this is where things get stupid.

After release, the hype for the game dropped off massively. Suddenly it was no longer a magical dream game but a real thing that costs money and can actually be played. Now people began to realize that it, like all fighters, was not perfect. With a tiny roster and many important features missing, it was hard to get hyped about it. The game felt…unfinished.

About two weeks after release, the dev team promised a patch that would add in many new features, balance tweaks, and even movelists (seriously how did they forget those?!)!

This was a bad idea.

Now people were saying “well why should I get good at this game if it’s going to completely change in like a week or two. I’ll wait for the patch.” and thus the competition began to dry up. People stopped playing the game and thus stopped hyping the game and thus stopped caring about the game. At least until the patch hit.

However, said patch would take months to be released and due to an oversight was only released very quietly on PS3.

In that time, the entire Skullgirls staff would be fired as Autumn Games’ funds were eaten up by a law suit from Def Jam records over Def Jam Rapstar., leaving many who worked on the game bitter and angry.

Half the team then reformed into Lab Zero Games, dedicated to getting new DLC characters out for the game like they had planned and promised. Skullgirls was a passion project and they wanted to finish it.

This resulted in an Indiegogo campaign to raise funds for DLC characters. The funding was a huge success, being one of the most open and honest Kickstarters ever. They broke down the costs and why they needed to much money, they showed work in progress on the characters and hosted streams showing the characters as they neared completion.

But this left one question on my mind: What about 360 owners?

They got completely hosed by the game initially with their inferior release and lack of a patch, making the game nearly worthless on 360.

However, with the massive amount of funding they recieved, the 360 patch promised two weeks after the game was released has actually come out!

The patch cleans up the game massively adding more training options, much needed movelists, new win poses, shorter load times, and lots of balance tweaks.

It’s not perfect. Air dashes are still weirdly difficult to preform and while characters no longer break apart into hitboxes, they do appear as pixellated messes briefly instead. However it is a massive improvement and it is wonderful to have a legit version of the game on 360.

What is also fascinating is that Autumn Games’ Jimmie Johnson’s Anything With An Engine also recieved DLC today…of all things…did anyone even buy that?!

New character color DLC also hit on PS3 today and is in the approval process on 360 right now.

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5 Comments on “Skullgirls on 360 ACTUALLY GETS PATCHED!”

  1. Billy Says:

    Skullgirls still has its drama, though. While the Indiegogo campaign was a success, Paypal froze their account with the concern that people who didn’t see their characters of choice make the cut might ask for chargebacks. The account was later unfrozen, but Paypal still held $35,000 as collateral.

    • GEL Says:

      Huh. Interesting. Yeah there was also the debacle with them promising Team Fortress 2 hats before getting them cleared.

  2. SAL Says:

    Ram buy cheap viagra online her till she comes!

  3. Göran Isacson Says:

    Looks like buying a Steam-version of this on the indiegogo campaign was the right way to go- all the updates, all the DLC, none of the waiting game.

    AND SPEAKING OF FIGHTAN GAMES, how ’bout that Guilty Gear Xrd trailer? If you have any opinions or thoughts about Guilty Gear at all, that is. I’m mostly just in desperate need of someone to fangasm about even though all we have to go on is ONE trailer. Mostly how I like the models now even if they looked kinda weird at first, how I wonder if the “slowdown” they’ve implemented so that the models move at the same speed as 2D-sprites will affect the game, and how I marvel they actually gave Millia Rage PANTS.

    Also wil you be making a post on the whole Xbox One deal or is it safer to just wait until E3 to tackle the whole next gen-debacle?

    • GEL Says:

      XD BOTH of those are on the agenda. But to make a long story short: I believe Guilty Gear Xrd will be great because Arc Systems Works INVENTED doing 2.5D right with Battle Fantasia. I’ll go into more detail later but if you have ANY fears, go grab Battle Fantasia.

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