Sonic Lost Worlds: Sonic X-Treme is back?!

After the release of the absolutely fantastic Sonic Generations, the question on every Sonic fan’s mind was “so what’s next?”. Indeed, I was worried if there would even be a next with SEGA’s current financial situation!

However, I don’t think anyone expected this:

I think everyone is both weirded out and having a feeling of deja-vu. To recent Nintendo fans, this sure looks a lot like Super Mario Galaxy. But, to long-time Sonic fans it’s unmistakeably one thing:

Sonic X-Treme!

sxc_sideOf course, we probably shouldn’t hold our breath for the return of Tiara Bobowski.

If you’re unfamiliar, Sonic X-Treme was the cancelled Saturn entry in the Sonic series. Meant to be the first 3D Sonic, it was kind of a big deal but was unceremoniously dumped after a very troubled development history. You can read all about it here.

As you can see there are some striking similarities. It makes sense in some ways. Fans have been demanding a remake of Sonic X-Treme for a while now and as an unfinished game it, if nothing else, provides a number of interesting ideas. Calling it an out right remake is, of course, false. It clearly has a new story and new enemies and all that, but the inspiration looks pretty clear.

Surprising, fascinating and…well shoot I’m buying it! SEGA has made two good Sonic games in a row so far so I’m relatively confident this could be a winner. (Mention Sonic ’06 and I’ll cut you! Most of those guys got fired anyway for obvious reasons.)

EDIT: Alright apparently there are even story similarities. Maybe this really is a remake of Sonic X-Treme! (actually…if a game was never finished, is it a “remake” or just a “make”?)

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7 Comments on “Sonic Lost Worlds: Sonic X-Treme is back?!”

  1. Falzar Says:

    Three. Unleashed was pretty damn fun and opened up the great engine the following games RAN with. Say what you will about the werehog but his segments proved only Sega can make a damn awesome free roam beat ’em up if they were assed enough to do so.

    As for the trailer itself. I’m hyped.

    • GEL Says:

      Unleashed gets more shit than it deserves, yes. It was SO CLOSE to good! The day stages were awesome and the Werehog wasn’t even bad…on 360! Heck I enjoyed them plenty and WOULD have beaten the game…if it weren’t for those damn medals! THOSE are what DESTROYED that game! If they just gave out medals for doing good on a stage or doing the 100 sidequests, it would have been fine. But replaying stages to SCOUR them for damn medals? Nooooo thankyou!

      The Wii one lacks the medal issue, but the Werehog sucks on that one and the day stages aren’t as good.

      …maybe I should do an article called “How Sonic Got His Groove Back”. I still say you can trace the evolution of 3D Sonic throughout ALL of his games. It wasn’t just a sudden wakeup call (well, Sonic Riders ALMOST was). It was a lot of experimenting.

  2. RegalSin Says:

    Well Sonic Xtreme was canned, a long time ago. The people who worked on it, had to redo the entire game from scratch, because they reversed engineered ( a technique most western programmers are forced to do, because eastern Japan, will not share their code ) Nights engine, and pretty much called it a new Sonic game. When Sonic team saw this, they were forced to restart, from scratch without using the Nights engine. Keep in mind, the same engine is used for Shenmue.

    Speaking of funny, Senntient is one of those wacky, out of their brains, feminist /womanist type of characters, who was traumatized from a bad experience with a guy whom she was friendly with. These are the same people who most likely pushed away from “Madonna Sonic” and help create “Princess Sally”, which eventually turned into “Amy Rose”

    Remember that article you wrote, Gel you wrote about this woman was attacking videogames, in her “girl project”. Senn is one of those “selfish” people. These are the kinds of “Yes Mam, who are working on our games.

    What is sad, is that Senn is not going to sue. I am glad that “she” is not going to.

    • GEL Says:

      Err…a couple of problems:

      #1) Senntient is a guy. His name is Chris.
      I don’t think he had any guy trouble and him wanting a female playable in a game is hardly a bad thing.

      #2) Princess Sally did not “turn into Amy Rose”. Sonic CD called Amy “Princess Sally” because the people that wrote the instruction book were stupid, but the two characters are unrelated in their creation. If any character is based on Sally, it would be Blaze the Cat many years later.

      #3) I never wrote an article about that.

      • RegalSin Says:

        #1) Senntient is a company, while led by a woman. Married or not, on “their” forum, in a thread, at some point “she” was talking
        how she had a bad sexual experience with a man, not just any kind of man but described as a black man……. unsurprisingly.
        Browse my posts, their.

        Just register on the forum, and do a quick search. I am 100%. Senn’s leader is a “girl” and was one of the employees who prevented Madonna Sonic from being real, as well as the creation of tails and Princess Sally. Think about it? Princess Sally is a self-servant woman, and Senntient did work with S2-S3-SK.

        #2) Go browse threw Senn’s forum, and you will eventually find out that with her, ability as a self-servant woman, to dramatically change the appearance of Sonic during the duration of the 2-3-K periods.

        Amy was basically Sega of Japan, rebelling against western idea points. Another Madonna character could also be considered the spoiled AV brat of the official Movie.

        #3) “Sexism discussion in the air”

      • GEL Says:

        Ah! I did not know it was a company. I thought “Senntient” was just Chris Senn’s website. Interesting. Still, Princess Sally had nothing to do with the actual Sonic games but admittedly I never read their forums so I dunno what’s up. Did she do anything with the TV series?

        I also don’t entirely consider them ditching Madonna to be a bad thing. Another example of a character like her would be Princess Elise actually. It seems to be some kind of weird cultural misunderstanding between America and Japan. Like, much of Japan cannot fathom the idea of an animal woman being attractive so they always insist on humans. It’s really weird. Even in the Japanese furry fighting game MONSTER, all the female characters are either human or just have animal ears. Which makes me wonder what the deal is with Rouge the Bat.

        Also good point on the LJ post. COMPLETELY forgot about that! See, ever since then I’ve been working on a MASSIVE article/episode on the topic. However I made a point NEVER to mention THAT series on this blog so I forgot I mentioned it on my LJ…wow you know that post is kinda better than the one I did earlier XD

  3. RegalSin Says:

    Their was no misunderstanding between east and west Gel, back then everybody used a piece of Madonna when they had the chance to. Howard the Duck, Felix, Vigilante, Charles Bronson, Super Mario Super Show, and anything else that wanted to be the “Virgin” had to have a blonde girl with a big mouth and legs wide open, on a case. Almost like how Record companies had super imposed pictures of pretty girls on their covers.

    Somebody at SEGA ( Somebody related or equal to Senn ) said, a blonde walking around an abandoned Eden, is not going to be popular. However knowing resentment, back in Japan, they decided to do “Amy” again. Meanwhile, somebody working on the S2-S3-SK project, said “why don’t Sonic have a little friend who looks up to him, and follow hims around everywhere. Tails is nice and all but then again “DinoCity” showed us how that could work.
    Even that was censored/localized, where she had a jiggle reduction.

    Look at the last good years before, everybody found out the creator of Elmo was playing for the other team, and having an affair. Even Elmo ( Sesame Street ) had a good run in with Katy Perry, begging to play “dress up”, how much controversy could it have caused? The least, she could have been an unlockable, like Maria in “Dracula X PCE”. Sonic finds Maria as an extra bonus, kinda like the “Maxx” saves the jungle queen, from peril.

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