You didn’t COMPLETELY waste your money on DOA5 DLC!

So, Dead or Alive 5: Ultimate is coming and fans are kinda irate. I mean they spent so much money on DOA5’s overpriced DLC and now everyone is just gonna get it free in a “Game of the Year” edition, right?


Believe it or not, DOA5: Ultimate will come with new costumes but will not come with all the DLC. Only some of the DLC will be available as unlockables and only in the boxed release, not the freemium one. The rest still has to be purchased as DLC which carries over from DOA5. One can also safely assume that any unlockable DLC costumes will be auto-unlocked if you already purchased those costumes in DOA5.

So, you didn’t completely waste your money on those costumes!

Again this is a very good idea and I applaud it. But the question is, what costumes come with the boxed DOA5 Ultimate and which ones have to be purchased? There is a list on the website, but I’ll break it down for you here.

DLC Costumes Included with Dead or Alive 5: Ultimate

The Free Retro Costume Pack (of course)

The Cat Outfits

The Bunny Bikinis (except for Mila?)

The Bartender/Barmaid Outfits

The Chinese Outfits

The Formal Outfits

All of Lisa’s Non-Bikini DLC Costumes (Black Dress and Gold Dress)

Kasumi’s Overalls

Lei-Fang’s Skirt and Panda Sweater

Mila’s Leather “Bass Cosplay” Outfit

Christie’s Dominatrix Outfit

Zack’s Alien Suits (Silver and Gold)

The Guy’s MMA Fighter Trunks/Briefs

44 Paid Costumes. $44 Value

DLC Costumes NOT Included with Dead or Alive 5 Ultimate

Schoolgirl Outfits

Gym Outfits

ALL The Bikini Sets

Mila’s Bunny Bikini (?)

Lei-Fang’s Classic Leather Outfit

Ayane’s Overalls

Shirtless Hayate

The Christmas Outfits

The Cheerleader Outfits (where ARE those for 360, anyway?!)

60* Paid Costumes. $63* Value

*24 Vita Costumes also not included. 
Exact pricing on Vita costumes unknown. 
(I'd estimate another $30)

…so basically bikinis and schoolgirl outfits have to be carried over from DOA5’s DLC. Keep in mind this only applies to the boxed release of DOA5 Ultimate. The freemium version lets you carry over DLC costumes, but does not include any.

I just hope this isn’t an excuse to skimp on giving Lisa new costumes. I do find it peculiar that literally all of Lisa’s DLC costumes (except bikinis) are included. Of course I do, I main Lisa! Those are the costumes I actually bought!

Ah well. Still, it is appreciated that KoeiTecmo hit a relatively pleasant middle ground like this.

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2 Comments on “You didn’t COMPLETELY waste your money on DOA5 DLC!”

  1. RegalSin Says:

    Ha, so if your really into it, your spending over $100 dollars for a game that was already successful, but just for the sake of KONOMI, we need to have more DOA. I am just going to say this, I am pretty sure people out their are moding DOA series ( especially II ) with no costume mods, and better bods, and alternative models, mods. I mean come on now, why not just say “we think swimsuits and school uniforms are still the 666”

    DOA, I do not think anybody is really playing the living daylights out of that game as they were when BVBall was released. After the whole scandal, it just seems, that DOA got kinda stale.

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