Tekken goes Free To Play too?!

Okay now it’s just getting weird.

Next week, a tweaked Tekken Tag 2 goes Free To Play on PS3

The game will have new features like the ability to level up and some special-esque moves, leading some to believe this is a gameplay beta of sorts for the eternally upcoming Tekken X Street Fighter.

Still this is eyebrow raising. Tank! Tank! Tank!, Dead or Alive 5: Ultimate, and now Tekken Tag 2 are all going Freemium? On a similar note, a semi-recent tweet from Tak Fujii said about the same thing: “In the future, everything will be free to play”.

Has Japan decided Free To Play is the future and are putting all their eggs in that basket? This might be something to keep our eyes peeled on at E3.

Regardless…well…there goes my hopes that DOA5:U’s Freemium nature would bring in more players.

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2 Comments on “Tekken goes Free To Play too?!”

  1. RegalSin Says:

    That is exactly what I have been doing via console enumerators. I play before I buy, or if I do not have the juice, I watch a video. They probably figure the fan base for Tekken is whittled down to Kalliera users, if you haven’t noticed the tons of Tekken 3 players???

    Didn’t Tekken have a CGI ?

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