Microsoft E3 Conference: Fuck Kinect Owners!

So Microsoft’s E3 press conference just finished and on the surface it was very good. Nothing but wall to wall game trailers for some very interesting new games.

I, however, noticed something odd. Namely everything you bought your Kinect for is being moved to XBox One.

The first of these was Ryse. You know the cool looking first person sword fighting game for Kinect shown at E3 2011?

Well now it’s coming exclusively to XBox One, minus the Kinect. Instead it looks slow, generic, and caked with QTEs.

Exciting. I never thought I would say a game looked better on Kinect but…Ryse looked better on Kinect. Now it just looks generic.


But the real “Fuck You” comes in the form of Crimson Dragon. If you are unfamiliar, Crimson Dragon is the spiritual successor to Panzer Dragoon featuring dragon raising and 3-player online co-op. The game was supposed to be released as an XBox Live Arcade game on 360 a year ago.

The game was completely finished and ready to go and even the demo was leaked!

Well, now Microsoft has announced it as an XBox One exclusive…and not a single thing was changed! The game looks identical to it’s original XBox 360 version!

…which is to say it looks absolutely amazing and is easily the best looking game on XBox One despite being a port of a year old 360 game!

Still, the fact that what should have been a $15 XBLA game is now a full priced XBox One game is aggravating. Made even worse when you remember that in 10-15 years no one will ever be able to play the game ever again because Microsoft is a bunch of assholes.

…and no I wouldn’t count on a re-release considering MS didn’t even have the courtesy to make sure the damn sound worked when they presented it! Way to respect the best fucking game on your damn console you ass wipes!

Yeah, fuck faux-professionalism, I am made of nothing but pure rage at the moment. Because I am not paying $560 to play a damn $15 XBLA game!

…$300? Sure. Crimson Dragon looks $300 worth if I could keep the damn thing.


But yes. Fascinatingly, Microsoft avoided mentioning the Kinect at all even when presenting Kinect games (assuming Crimson Dragon still uses Kinect).

Also, before you say “at least it will play better because of the Kinect 2.0”, no. The Kinect is a bad idea and even if it worked perfectly it would still be a piece of crap.

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One Comment on “Microsoft E3 Conference: Fuck Kinect Owners!”

  1. Sleepy Says:

    I reacted exactly the same way when I saw Crimson Dragon was an Xbone exclusive.

    I’m so pissed off right now because I spent $100 on a Kinect that I still haven’t opened yet (and now I’m probably gonna sell it) just to play Crimson Dragon. Then Microsoft had the balls to tell me to pay $560 to basically rent the game for as long as they wish to keep the servers online. After that, all I’m left with is an expensive doorstop and paperweight for my troubles.

    If anything, this makes me even less interested in the system now.

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