Nintendo’s (In)Direct E3

Okay so it was a little weird that instead of doing a proper E3 conference, Nintendo decided to do it as a Nintendo Direct. As such it was short, sweet, and to the point. Heck they didn’t even show everything!

There is some disappointment as “nothing really new was shown” as well as the fact that there are still very few games coming to WiiU in the near future.

However, in other respects it was very refreshing. Nintendo had the most Japanese E3 presentation of anyone and it was a nice change of pace. Even Sony focused mostly on Western made games. Seeing brightly colored cartoony stuff from Japan was just wonderful and reminded me of why I love videogames in the first place.

You’ll have to excuse me but my personal motto is: FUCK REALISM!

While Nintendo didn’t show too much, I did basically want everything they showed. But pairing it down to the most surprising and awesome I’m gonna have to start with Super Mario 3D World.

They’re expanding upon the concepts of Super Mario 3D Land, a game which I did not enjoy. This, however, looks significantly better. The big news to me: Multiple Playable Characters! That means Peach! With unique attributes like in Mario 2! This is something I have been demanding for years and am glad that Nintendo finally realized what a good idea it is!

Do not bring up Sonic. The characters were never the problem. It was the alternative gameplay styles attached to the characters. If all the characters can play in the same stage without tweaks, then there shouldn’t be an issue.

Amazingly this isn’t the only awesome looking platformer to feature multiple characters. Donkey Kong Country Tropical Freeze also features multiple playables with the addition of Dixie Kong!

The more I look at it, the more Nintendo had too much awesome stuff. Mario Kart 8 features rotating tires and wall riding, making it the first interesting looking Mario Kart since Double Dash. Bayonetta 2 impressed with a new hairstyle. However, the show stealer for me was Monolith’s new RPG:

Alright, the WiiU is basically a current gen console, right? About on par with 360 and PS3 if not slightly weaker in some areas? If so…why did no one else make a game like this! Egad people, do you see this?! This is what a modern JRPG is supposed to look like! SquareEnix? Take notes!

I mean yes the trailer is a bunch of wandering around to pretty music but I squealed the hardest at this trailer of all the ones at E3.

Then, you know, Smash Bros. happened. Guess who our special guest is this time?

Yeah, I am pumped for everything. It’s always nice to be reminded why I have a Nintendo console: Nintendo games. Sometimes it really is worth it.


Also, don’t forget that Nintendo is bringing some E3 games to Best Buy tommorrow! Super Mario 3D World, Mario Kart 8, Donkey Kong Country, and Wind Waker HD will all be there. A little disappointed in the lack of Sonic but I am still excited to try these out.

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3 Comments on “Nintendo’s (In)Direct E3”

  1. Gotta say, I really needed a touch of positivity after suffering the scorn of all the pissy Metroid fanboys, desperate Xbots, smug Sony ponies, and all the other whiners in between attempting to ruin this awesome, awesome presentation. I fucking LOVED today’s Direct. I wasn’t sure about 3D world, then BAM! Diverse characters and multiplayer! Donkey Kong Country Returns was my favorite 2D platformer of last gen (Sorry Mario and Rayman), and I have NO idea why everyone is whining so much about it getting a sequel. X looks AMAZING, and Mega Man in Smash made my goddamn week. And best of all? The trailers ACTUALLY FOCUSED PRIMARILY ON GAMEPLAY.

  2. Göran Isacson Says:

    Smash Bros has some people speculating that there’s a new Zelda game in the wings, mostly because the Link shown here doesn’t correspond to either Twilight Princess-Link OR Skyward Sword Link, but I don’t really care so much for that as I do for the fact that Megaman has a starring role in a game. It may be in a game that won’t attract any new multi-million dollar audiences. It may not be a game that will make Capcom change their minds and start giving us Mega-goodies again. But darnit, it is a quality game with Megaman in it, and that is all I require at this point.

    And speaking of Capcom- Microsoft! Killer Instinct goes free to play with only one character included in the initial download, or so the rumors go. AND it’s not mad by Rare, but the people wh omade the Front Mission game that not a lot of people liked. Remedys new game MAY be interesting but essentially nothing playable was shown, Capcom’s exclusive Dead Rising game will apparently try to go the Resident Evil 6 route and try to aim for the Call of Duty audience and be more “mature and real” and most likely brown and gray, relegating the time limits of the other game to a special extra mode and doing away with them in the main game and thereby killing any desire I might’ve had for the game, and they just keep on making PR gaffes ever since (Xbox 360 is apparently what you should buy if you’re not a big online-guy, you know).

    And when you contrast this with Sony who managed to show Final Fantasy XV, Kingdom Hearts 3 (and amusingly enough, Nomura apparently abandoned his long-standing desire to have his personal team do the KH3 game after finishing Versus XIII and just decided to let the team that’s been doing all the KH spinoffs handle the main game while he goes all in on XV), and won the Internets hearts even though they essentially changed NOTHING except making online play something you have to pay for… you really gotta wonder. Will Microsoft get out of this one? Will their new machine sell in big enough numbers to gamers, even the ones not interested in Madden and Halo, and will it sell to mainstream Americans who will use it as THE media central of the future that Microsoft wants it to be, to make it profitable? To make it a decisive winner, or perhaps just tap into a new market like Nintendo did with the Wii to win in a battle no one else even knew existed… or is this just the start of the fall of House Gates? I honestly cannot tell, at this point. But the future is quite exciting. Also there was apparently a game that looked kind of cool on Microsofts presser from Insomniac games, or so I’ve heard, but I’ve not been able to come across any info or trailers on it. Anthing you’ve heard about/seen, or did the rage after seeing how many Kinect games they hijacked for the next gen rageblock your senses?

    Also also- did you play Xenoblade, the game I PRESUME they’re basing X on, and was it any good? I managed to snag it for a birthday gift, but it got put in my backlog and I never really got around to it.

    • GEL Says:

      Xenoblade is indeed good. VERY FFXII-esque (as was The Last Story. Clearly SOMEONE in Japan liked FFXII). The way the battle system works is a bit weird since you only play one character and you have to co-operate with the computer rather than command them but it was a nice game. Nice big world, lots to do, very polished and streamlined. My only issue really was that I could never shake the “FFXII knock-off” feeling and that I personally liked Magna Carta 2 better (favorite console RPG of the generation).

      As for Insomniac’s game on XBox One:

      Sunset Overdrive. We got a CG trailer for an over-the-top cartoony shooter MMO. Looks fun but not system selling to me.

      XBox One is a giant bucket of hubris. Microsoft just outright said the thing won’t even function in most of the world due to lack of infrastructure. There’s a bit of a joke about it being the “White People Console” or “First World Problems: The Console” and I can see it. This thing is marketed to a very specific group of people: those guys that have to have the latest fancy gadgets to impress their friends with. Not necessarily technophiles, rather those guys that just can’t stop buying iPads. Microsoft basically outright SAID “This console isn’t for you” to EVERYONE and it’s…weird. Why would anyone think this is a good marketing strategy?! Regardless, looks like the Third Console Curse remains true.

      Can I just say that I actually LIKED Front Mission Evolved though? It really was NOT bad. Not amazing, but not bad. Probably their best game. I played GI Joe Rise of Cobra and recorded (but never finished) a review of it entirely because everyone SUCKED at reviewing it! They were complaining about swords doing more damage than guns. IT’S CALLED GAME BALANCE YOU IDIOTS! The game itself was enjoyable but felt more like an XBLA game than a full $60 game and even then there are better XBLA games.

      Having said that, making a good fighter takes a lot of knowledge about fighting games so I definately have my doubt with Double Helix and the fact that Microsoft HAS Rare but isn’t DOING anything with them uis just…baffling. I mean how many Rare employees still even WORK there?! I know the Conker team is out and currently doing a YouTube commentary and an artist I like on DeviantArt was let go from Rare two or three years ago.

      …and OF COURSE there’s a new Zelda game in the works! There ALWAYS is! Zelda is one of Nintendo’s best money making franchises! It’s probably a good 3 years out though.Zelda also takes the most time of any of Nintendo’s franchises to make.

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