XBox Go Home: Sony Wins E3

Opening with a very slow start, yammering on about the Vita and PS3 in a mindblowingly boring way; Sony later went on to win E3. How?

Yeah. That’s the mic drop. I want you to look at the number of likes on that video. It hit 10,000 within minutes of being uploaded and is currently going viral.

Of course there is a bit of bad news hidden in that footage. Namely online play will require PS Plus. However that is a relatively minor thing as PS Plus is actually a service. You see when XBox Live first hit, voice chat was a rare function and their integrated online functionality was unlike anything else. It was worth the price. Since then they have added very little in the way of new features and even actively screwed their customers (Joy Ride changing from a Free for Gold game to a full Kinect game). Not to mention Microsoft has added more and more ads to their service, bogging down the interface and irritating paying customers. Sony, on the other hand, is catching up to Microsoft and giving away free games and all sorts of other crap. They seem to actively be aiming to make it a real service.

Also I do like that PS Plus membership applies to all Sony devices. Do remember that the Vita and the PS3 share their shops. Presumably this means that, unlike Microsoft, Sony’s network is fully integrated between all devices and thus should remain up for a good long while.

Also, the PS3 is decently durable, saves patches to the harddrive instead of a cache, and the PS3 doesn’t have the same overbearing DRM that the 360 has. So it is less of an issue. Still, an integrated network like that is important.

It is a darn shame that what should be the status quo received a standing ovation. However, at the same time, Sony could have gotten away with screwing over their customers. If both companies had done this, we wouldn’t have much recourse. PC? WiiU? There would still be many worthwhile console exclusives and we could be strongarmed into going along with this scheme. Instead, however, rather than being the same as the XBox One, Sony chose to be better and win over the hearts of gamers.

Better still, perhaps this will allow the Japanese game industry to recover.

Either way, XBox?

Go home.

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2 Comments on “XBox Go Home: Sony Wins E3”

  1. Sleepy Says:

    Sony’s press conference was just the thing I needed to cheer me up after Microsoft’s show.

    Okay, so paying to play online sucks, but PS+ is an awesome service with tons of deals and free games so I’ll, begrudgingly, let it slide. Despite that, the massive indie support, No online-only DRM, no used game restrictions, Kingdom Hearts III (yay!), and that $399 price tag, Sony nailed it.

    And that standing ovation they received will go down in history as one of the greatest E3 moments of all time. That night, if only for a moment, Sony turned everyone into a Playstation fanboy.

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