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One More DOA5 DLC for the Road!

July 18, 2013

So with Dead or Alive 5 Ultimate announced, you would think that Team Ninja wouldn’t bother releasing anymore DLC. However,  they still had one more loose end to tie up: The Vita DLC.

Well now it’s available on both PS3 and XBox 360 to non-Vita owners!

If you’re unfamiliar, when DOA5 Plus was released on Vita they released a new swimsuit pack for it as well as a bunch of cheerleader costumes if you preordered the game. The idea was that owners of the game could share DLC between the Vita and PS3. However, I’m not sure if they ever got it working quite right and the Vita release seems to have pretty much flopped. As such they had a handful of DLC that worked perfectly well on consoles but was unavailable until now!

The swimsuits cost as much as they usually do: $5 for a set or $13 for all of them.

Meanwhile, the Cheerleader outfits are sold individually for $1 apiece or $9 for all of them. Since this effectively means you only get one Cheerleader outfit “free” if you buy the pack, I definitely opted to go individual on this one.

But wait! Why would I buy DLC when the Ultimate Edition is coming? Well because, again, it is backwards compatible with all the DLC and this seems to confirm that the Vita DLC will not be included in Ultimate.

So to those that still have their DOA5s, this might be a good chance to dust it off and prep yourself for Ultimate! Believe it or not, people do still play online! If you don’t have it…wait until Ultimate. Then buy Cheerleader outfits because reasons.

Where’d that GEL go? Twitch hi-jinks!

July 18, 2013

Sorry about the lack of posts but not a lot has been going on in terms of gaming news (summer drought and all).

I spent a week on a big project, then aborted it thanks to the sage advice of my friends. I’ve since been figuring out how best to retool the project. Believe it or not, I do have ideas. Still a bit of a blow to one’s determination when you spend a week churning out like 15-20 articles for a site only to cancel the whole thing.

I also managed to get an actual job so that’s obviously taking up time as well. Can’t be a lazy internet bum all my life and getting a job in Game Journalism is unlikely at best no matter how much I want it.

However! I do have some good news! To those that miss the whiny high-pitched shriek of my voice, I’ve started streaming on Twitch with my friends! Yes, it’s Gaming with GEL and Friends!

Now mind you, there is no schedule I just stream when I have time. I figure if anyone is gonna get entertainment out of this it will be through the archives of past streams. The stream is also standard definition in very low quality. This is because my HD capture device is a standalone and cannot be hooked up to a PC. Also the computers I am using for streaming are actually two very low powered laptops strung together. One streams the Skype call while the other handles streaming the actual game. Even with this minimized load, the framerate is sometimes choppy (in fact, Galaxy Force 2 was utterly unwatchable. Skip past it and it works again).

So why bother watching? Because this:
(Don’t worry, the audio is fixed in newer streams)

This is what happens when you give me an anime licensed racing game with Resident Evil-style tank controls.

You can watch the whole playthrough of Battle Athletes Victory GTO here:

(and yes I do like the anime)

Our next grand adventure of note? Surviving Monster High: Ghoul Spirit on the Wii!

Count Fabulous is the best.


EDIT: Note to self – get back to that Remember Me “Gaming with GEL” that you recorded half of.

New Releases – July 2013

July 2, 2013

Sorry I haven’t posted in a bit. Been working on a certain “project” actually! However, July is looking…surprisingly active for summer! …and I don’t just mean because I’m totally importing EDF4! Mostly the 16th is looking like one very busy day!

    Crash City Mayhem (3DS)

Apparently the latest entry in the Runabout series, this Crazy Taxi-ish racing game is supposed to be hitting the Nintendo eShop for $20 or so.
    Scourge: Outbreak (XBLA)

Some kind of downloadable co-op third person shooter with a female character in it (featured prominently on the “cover”). Basically like a budget version of Fuse, perhaps?
Shin Megami Tensei IV (3DS)

Hey! New classic Megaten coming this month! Negotiate with demons and stuff! Woo!
    Dynasty Warriors 8 (360, PS3)

Hey look! More Dynasty Warriors! Am I a sucker? Yes I am. Better graphics and a new “lifestyle” mode (looks kinda RPG-ish?) are the main new features. I’m sure there’s more to enjoy once I sink my teeth into the latest entry in everyone’s favorite large scale hack n’ slash series.
    Mamorukun Curse! (PSN)

Some kind of top-down shooter jobber similar to Guwange. You actually walk on the ground and control your movement but it is mostly vertical scrolling. Looks interesting enough. Apparently it got a boxed 360 release then an enhanced PS3 release and now a couple years later it is hitting the states as a download.

    Time and Eternity (PS3)

Now we’re talking! Time and Eternity (a.k.a. Toki to Towa) is an experimental “animation RPG” where every moment of the game is meant to look like an anime. The game features boatloads of handdrawn animation with HD sprites! As such…the entire game is kinda built around cutting corners so I hear it’s “not very good”. I, however, do not care. The presentation alone is mindblowing enough to warrant a look! Shoot I probably would have imported this if it wasn’t coming here just because of that. Chances are you’ll enjoy it more as long as you keep in mind what it is trying to do and why.

The story seems interesting enough anyway. Princess is marrying a Hero when suddenly an assassin pops up and murders the hero, the Princess flips out, gets a split personality, and travels back in time to try to prevent the murder. So basically it’s Sergent Calhoun’s “Most Tragic Backstory Ever” from Wreck-It Ralph. Except the “hero” gets stuck in the body of the Princess’s pet dragon. Also, it’s a game about split personalities and what is said hero’s name? Zack.

Oh and it’s supposed to be pretty fanservicey too so expect it to get mercilessly bashed for that without a second though. You know, the usual.

EDIT: Okay even Siliconera says it’s seriously seriously bad…still glad I get to play it in English though!