New Releases – July 2013

Sorry I haven’t posted in a bit. Been working on a certain “project” actually! However, July is looking…surprisingly active for summer! …and I don’t just mean because I’m totally importing EDF4! Mostly the 16th is looking like one very busy day!

    Crash City Mayhem (3DS)

Apparently the latest entry in the Runabout series, this Crazy Taxi-ish racing game is supposed to be hitting the Nintendo eShop for $20 or so.
    Scourge: Outbreak (XBLA)

Some kind of downloadable co-op third person shooter with a female character in it (featured prominently on the “cover”). Basically like a budget version of Fuse, perhaps?
Shin Megami Tensei IV (3DS)

Hey! New classic Megaten coming this month! Negotiate with demons and stuff! Woo!
    Dynasty Warriors 8 (360, PS3)

Hey look! More Dynasty Warriors! Am I a sucker? Yes I am. Better graphics and a new “lifestyle” mode (looks kinda RPG-ish?) are the main new features. I’m sure there’s more to enjoy once I sink my teeth into the latest entry in everyone’s favorite large scale hack n’ slash series.
    Mamorukun Curse! (PSN)

Some kind of top-down shooter jobber similar to Guwange. You actually walk on the ground and control your movement but it is mostly vertical scrolling. Looks interesting enough. Apparently it got a boxed 360 release then an enhanced PS3 release and now a couple years later it is hitting the states as a download.

    Time and Eternity (PS3)

Now we’re talking! Time and Eternity (a.k.a. Toki to Towa) is an experimental “animation RPG” where every moment of the game is meant to look like an anime. The game features boatloads of handdrawn animation with HD sprites! As such…the entire game is kinda built around cutting corners so I hear it’s “not very good”. I, however, do not care. The presentation alone is mindblowing enough to warrant a look! Shoot I probably would have imported this if it wasn’t coming here just because of that. Chances are you’ll enjoy it more as long as you keep in mind what it is trying to do and why.

The story seems interesting enough anyway. Princess is marrying a Hero when suddenly an assassin pops up and murders the hero, the Princess flips out, gets a split personality, and travels back in time to try to prevent the murder. So basically it’s Sergent Calhoun’s “Most Tragic Backstory Ever” from Wreck-It Ralph. Except the “hero” gets stuck in the body of the Princess’s pet dragon. Also, it’s a game about split personalities and what is said hero’s name? Zack.

Oh and it’s supposed to be pretty fanservicey too so expect it to get mercilessly bashed for that without a second though. You know, the usual.

EDIT: Okay even Siliconera says it’s seriously seriously bad…still glad I get to play it in English though!

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5 Comments on “New Releases – July 2013”

  1. Göran Isacson Says:

    Looking forward to seeing your thoughts, if applicable, on Shin Megami Tensei 4 and Dynasty Warriors, even if I never end up BUYING any DW titles because I always go “eeh, maybe I should wait for the updated version…” and when THAT one is released in the west, they’ve already released the sequel in Japan and so I wait for THAT one… etc.

    Howevah, I am afraid the other news I’ve heard are less joyous. I’ve been reading up on Toki Towa and it… it really, truly, GENUINELY sounds bad. Not “bad because Western players just don’t understand JRPGs”. Not “bad because HOW DARE THEY FANSERVICE MORAL OUTRAGE”. I mean GENUINELY bad. I mean “slog through a dull and repetitious battle system that doesn’t change or grow in any significant way, only for the ‘privilege’ of seeing a plot that never goes anywhere and will have you groaning with exhaustion from half-way point to finish”. Like, it COULD be a diamond in the rough and your own experience is probably the best judge and maybe I’m just letting myself be led around the nose here, but I’m seeing so much negativity on the game from SO many sources that it looks like cooling your expectations would be for the best.

    Also, I recently saw news that the dudes behind Magna Carta are making another RPG, buuut it’s for the Android and is supposed to be a card-game. Called Inner World, and… yeah. Chances of it coming here are probably slim.

    • GEL Says:

      Ooh yeah I’ve been hearing that about Toki Towa as well (when Silicone Era says it’s seriously seriously bad, which I saw after writing that? Yeah). I just…well no matter how crap it is I’m STILL glad it’s coming out here. (Also I have this weeeird feeling it’s gonna SOMEHOW be better than and eerily parallel to Lightning Returns)

      I’ll add an edit.

      I LOVE the back of the GameStop DW8 box though. It basically says “Just like the other Dynasty Warriors games!” XD

      • Göran Isacson Says:

        Ha ha, well at least Gamestop can be honest about that! Kinda hilarious that at this point, the game being the same is probably a draw for the audience rather than a turn off.

        Also- better and parallel to Lightning Returns? Them’s some drama-bomb words waiting to be dropped XD Anything in particular that makes you feel that way, besides the “single character moving through time to solve problems” aspect? And yeah, it’s always nice to just GET JRPGs and see that there are still people out there willing to release a game even if it hasn’t been some kind of runaway success. I guess that paranoid people would be afraid that if a bad JRPG gets over here everyone in the industry will go “WELP NO MORE JRPGS EVER BECAUSE THIS ONE SOLD BAD”, but I think there’s place for both titles like Ni No Kuni and this here one… at least, in a healthy industry, there SHOULD be.

      • Billy Says:

        Koei changes things in Dynasty Warriors. Like in DW6, when they replaced the combat system with something more mindlessly button-mashy. Or in DW7, when they removed split-screen co-op story mode.

      • GEL Says:

        XD QUITE on the Lightning Returns bit. Mostly it’s the single character thing though. Single character battle systems seldom work (the ability to dodge makes Time and Eternity look BETTER than most). Combine that with Square Enix’s knack for screwing up FFXIII (the best part was the characters! How do you keep coming to the conclusion of “we need less characters”?!) and…I’m just EXPECTING Lightning Returns to be worse than Time and Eternity.

        As for WHY I’m glad it’s coming out? The presentation. The idea of trying to make a JRPG that ALWAYS look animated? That’s neat. Even if it sucks, that is neat. That is something I WANT TO PLAY even if the novelty wears off and it gets old fast I’ve just gotta experience this!

        And yes at Billy on Dynasty Warriors. DW6 was the only one I skipped after trying it at a friend’s house and while the removal of co-op in Story mode was a downer, I was glad they still HAD a co-op mode. Kinda liked the way they split it between an even MORE story-ful story mode and a “Just have fun with buckets of content” mode (guess which one I beat and which one I barely got 1/3rd of the way through? XD).

        I often joke about Dynasty Warriors being Japanese Madden but it IS slightly more than that. Still, like the WWE games for a friend of mine, it is my “yearly release” of choice.

        I think I’ll actually make a point of doing a DW-fan perspective on 8 when I get it.

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