One More DOA5 DLC for the Road!

So with Dead or Alive 5 Ultimate announced, you would think that Team Ninja wouldn’t bother releasing anymore DLC. However,  they still had one more loose end to tie up: The Vita DLC.

Well now it’s available on both PS3 and XBox 360 to non-Vita owners!

If you’re unfamiliar, when DOA5 Plus was released on Vita they released a new swimsuit pack for it as well as a bunch of cheerleader costumes if you preordered the game. The idea was that owners of the game could share DLC between the Vita and PS3. However, I’m not sure if they ever got it working quite right and the Vita release seems to have pretty much flopped. As such they had a handful of DLC that worked perfectly well on consoles but was unavailable until now!

The swimsuits cost as much as they usually do: $5 for a set or $13 for all of them.

Meanwhile, the Cheerleader outfits are sold individually for $1 apiece or $9 for all of them. Since this effectively means you only get one Cheerleader outfit “free” if you buy the pack, I definitely opted to go individual on this one.

But wait! Why would I buy DLC when the Ultimate Edition is coming? Well because, again, it is backwards compatible with all the DLC and this seems to confirm that the Vita DLC will not be included in Ultimate.

So to those that still have their DOA5s, this might be a good chance to dust it off and prep yourself for Ultimate! Believe it or not, people do still play online! If you don’t have it…wait until Ultimate. Then buy Cheerleader outfits because reasons.

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