Where’d that GEL go? Twitch hi-jinks!

Sorry about the lack of posts but not a lot has been going on in terms of gaming news (summer drought and all).

I spent a week on a big project, then aborted it thanks to the sage advice of my friends. I’ve since been figuring out how best to retool the project. Believe it or not, I do have ideas. Still a bit of a blow to one’s determination when you spend a week churning out like 15-20 articles for a site only to cancel the whole thing.

I also managed to get an actual job so that’s obviously taking up time as well. Can’t be a lazy internet bum all my life and getting a job in Game Journalism is unlikely at best no matter how much I want it.

However! I do have some good news! To those that miss the whiny high-pitched shriek of my voice, I’ve started streaming on Twitch with my friends! Yes, it’s Gaming with GEL and Friends!

Now mind you, there is no schedule I just stream when I have time. I figure if anyone is gonna get entertainment out of this it will be through the archives of past streams. The stream is also standard definition in very low quality. This is because my HD capture device is a standalone and cannot be hooked up to a PC. Also the computers I am using for streaming are actually two very low powered laptops strung together. One streams the Skype call while the other handles streaming the actual game. Even with this minimized load, the framerate is sometimes choppy (in fact, Galaxy Force 2 was utterly unwatchable. Skip past it and it works again).

So why bother watching? Because this:
(Don’t worry, the audio is fixed in newer streams)

This is what happens when you give me an anime licensed racing game with Resident Evil-style tank controls.

You can watch the whole playthrough of Battle Athletes Victory GTO here:


(and yes I do like the anime)

Our next grand adventure of note? Surviving Monster High: Ghoul Spirit on the Wii!


Count Fabulous is the best.


EDIT: Note to self – get back to that Remember Me “Gaming with GEL” that you recorded half of.

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3 Comments on “Where’d that GEL go? Twitch hi-jinks!”

  1. Lmao Says:

    You a job? Lol You’re still gonna be a Internet bum virgin lowlife filthy maggot cunt annoying ugly still living with parents basement dweller loser.

  2. Göran Isacson Says:

    I may just check these here streams out- most likely not right away because I’ma be a busy little bee soon, but a channel streaming obscure games with color commentary for my viewing pleasure? I can dig that. Also I can dig people getting jobs and taking time off to do them, as I right now only wish I could be doing that…

    Looking forward to a Remember Me review though. I recently caved when I saw the PC version on a Steam Sale and bought it, hopefully I’ll get around to it… one of these days. Steam sales and the mighty additions they make to the backlog, and all that. Some time after I finish off my current attempt to play all of Sudas stationary console games in chronological order (on No More Heroes 2 right now, kind of marveling how his scripts actually become a lot more mellow and easy to understand as time goes on).

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