GameMetabble 1/5/2014 – Happy New Year!

A quick episode discussing future plans, Game of the Year, and WHY AREN’T YOU PLAYING DOA5 ULTIMATE!

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4 Comments on “GameMetabble 1/5/2014 – Happy New Year!”

  1. Sleepy Says:

    Hey Gel, long time no see. Happy belated new year!

    I really enjoyed Rayman Origins but Legends is still on my backlog. My personal game of the year was Super Mario 3D World.

    Anyway, I’m looking forward to your animated movie/show reviews. Maybe you could even talk about some shows and movies based on or are about videogames just so the GAME part of Game*babble still applies. You could even start with newer cartoons like Pac-Man and the Ghostly Adventures or Rabbids Invasion. There’s even a new Sonic cartoon coming this year on Cartoon Network.

    As for cartoon reviewers, I personally like Rebeltaxi, Lavapasta, and JesuOtaku.

    Also, about that secret project you mentioned at the beginning of the video, are you still trying to make “Progressive Scan” work or is it something completely different?

    • GEL Says:

      XD It is indeed related. Scrapped the full-blown website idea but I wanna AT LEAST do an episode (or rather two) on the subject.

      I promised videogame cartoon reviews YEARS ago and even bought the boxed sets of Sonic Underground (>_<) and Carmen Sandiago in preparation for it but never got around to it. Still intend to…one day…when I'm less lazy XD Infact I planned on reviewing the original Pac-Man cartoon and ending with "It could be worse…" and showing Ghostly Adventures XD

      But yes GAME cartoons will totally happen. I mean I am REQUIRED to one day do a 5 Episode blow out on Arcade Gamer Fubuki: one spoiler-free normal review, then an internet-style walk-through review of each glorious episode. There is a LOT of crazy shit you can miss in that show if you aren't enough of a nerd about it, or get too caught up on the fact that it is infact an anime about MAGICAL GAMING PANTIES.

      Buuuuuut…I've been planning to do that for years as well. Yeah…I have a LOT of plans I never follow through on. My laziness knows no bounds!

      Also, Captain N. Oh EGAD that show is FASCINATING in what it does. It's actually really good on mute! Animation looks GREAT but the writing is astonishingly bad and…well there's just a LOT to say about Captain N if you actually look past the first two episodes.

      The cartoon reviews beyond games? Just sometimes I really get in the mood for cartoons and wanna talk about weird ones. Like the animated Return of the King or one that REALLY gets to me repeatedly and I've wanted to do an episode on for a while for no good reason: Little Mermaid III. I mean really, the villain is the least villainous thing IN that movie!

      Don't…don't ask why I own that…

      As for 3D World? I like it more than 3D Land but it's still awkward to me. I mean you NEED power-ups in that game as jumping on enemies in 3D is VERY difficult. THIS is why they gave Mario a punch in 64 and a spin in Galaxy! The depth perception in this game is just a mess for me. Also the stages seem too short. Not bad but I have issues with it.

      Thanks for the recommendation on cartoon reviewers though! I'll be checking them out VERY soon!

      • Sleepy Says:

        Okay, now that you mentioned it, Arcade Gamer Fubuki should be the first show you review. I’ve read plenty of reviews blasting the show and while I don’t necessarily think they’re wrong (the fanservice IS kinda creepy), I do feel that it gets way more hate than it deserves.

        So, just out of curiosity, what is it about Little Mermaid III that makes you want to do an episode on it?

      • GEL Says:

        The fact that the villain should be the hero. I mean REALLY Marina Del Ray is NOT a villain AT ALL. Also the animation is surprisingly good and I like that Ariel’s sisters got fleshed out. Mostly though it’s the villain being too likeable and sympathetic and it just being a fascinating mess.

        And yeah Fubuki is VERY fanservicey but it’s…well…it’s a unique kind of So Bad It’s Good. It doesn’t seem to think it’s something great but it’s not intentionally bad. It’s like it was made on a drunken bet or something. I mean there is NO WAY someone said “Let’s make an anime about magical gaming panties!” and was SERIOUS about it! Not even in Japan! I guarantee Alcohol was involved…and possibly weed.

        And THAT is what makes it so awesome! It’s a dumb idea that takes itself seriously but continues to be dumb. Also the guy who made it, Mine Yoshizaki, is a MASSIVE game nerd.

        It’s also a fan sequel to an OLD anime called Game Center Arashi. Much of the brilliant stupid of Fubuki comes from it’s inspiration. I managed to track down some Arashi episodes. There’s one where a guy dressed as a bottle of ketchup plays games by shooting ketchup and mustard at the controller. Suddenly “Velociraptors are the ultimate gamer! My Model 1 SEGA CD says so!” doesn’t seem so absurd. Yes, that happens.

        Also I am amused that the official editor of the show bashed it, claimed he took up smoking again because of it, and quit because of it. Both because he read in a BUNCH of incestual subtext that wasn’t there and because he did a shit job of editing. Seriously, I own the show 3 times over (Fansubs, Chinese bootleg subs, Official release) and the official subs are worse than the Chinese ones. They’re also the only ones that miss the Punch-Out!! reference.

        Seriously, how do you get “Joe Dallas” from “Glass Joe”?!

        On another note: Favorite line from the Chinese Bootleg is “Oh! It’s a hoshi-hoshi!” (they say the word “star” in English)

        Yeeeeeah I need to get on that.

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