New Releases – January 2014

Happy New Year everybody! We’ve got a new console generation, a new year, all sorts of exciting new…oh who am I kidding. We’ve got like two games this month. Let’s see them now!


AeternoBlade (3DSware)

Some kind of side scrolling Metroidvania looking hack n’ slash where you play an armored lady that controls time and does air combos…YUP I’M SOLD! I mean shoot it’s a 3DSware game, it’s probably cheap and looks pretty fun to me!


Dragon Ball Z: Battle of Z (PS3, 360, Vita)

4 on 4 team battle DBZ. Okay it looks like it lacks Zangya and the combat seems simplified compared to the Tenkaichi series but the co-op possibilities have me intrigued. Basically it looks to be a modern day DBZ Legends. Color me curious.

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