GameMetabble 2/8/2014 – Why I Like Fighting Games

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One Comment on “GameMetabble 2/8/2014 – Why I Like Fighting Games”

  1. RegalSin Says:

    Well, first let me say, if I sounded rude in the previous or future posts I do not need to be.

    Gel, that is exactly how I feel when I have work. Like a blood hound, in a generic coke factory. The idea of money, as it pierces threw your veins. You get that surge of energy to get up and go outside, even if a person is making less then nothing. Of course is all the interacting and traveling, that is done.

    I heard that same argument as before. “I love RPG games, and the content, but it takes too long”. Fighting games was the apex of video-games back in the 2d game world. You had beautiful fast moving graphics, extremely advance A.I., and to make things perfect, every character looked like a cel animation. Then SNK came along and updated it to 1990’s, gave them 3d looking graphics, and made them look like oil paintings, which is where fighting games got insane and twisted.

    About Street-Fighter-phobia. You are probably right, It does sound looney, but yes, I am one of those people who feels estranged to play SFIII.

    However playing FighterStreet AKA StreetFIghter, I do understand where your coming from. It is like, it went from martial arts perfection, to a collaborated theater performance.

    However so far, understandingly SF, have all the generic fighting themes, we have come to both love, fear, admire, and hate. The same could be said about SFII. When it came to SFIII, not being a fighting fan, sucked balls.

    I could understand, Fatal Fury, or even Mark of the Wolves, but SFIII, failed because not to many people were familiar with the current trends of REAL WORLD MARTIAL ARTS, like how many people were talking about Brasilian, Kick-Boxing compared to Thailand, or even Ultimate fighting. Then many of the new characters felt like something out of a “Streets Of Rage” videogame as well, in my opinion, which could be a thesis.

    Otherwise, on the subject of, why fighting games, are not noticed?
    Because these games are made for East Asian marketplace, and not for the west. They got fighters who had sex changes, they have fighters, with characters, that under no circumstances would be realistic at least in our world, they got fighters, that are only realistic in the far east. They got fighters, that are only realistic in the world of Ultimate Mud Wrestling, and Ultimate stripping. They got fighters, with series broken down to fights, turning them into Dragon ball.

    If 100% of those unknown fighters was to be brought and sold, like Street Fighter II ( How many of them are their, including the Alpha ? ) was, then

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