GameBabble – Ghost in the Shell (PS1)

…this game is silly.

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5 Comments on “GameBabble – Ghost in the Shell (PS1)”

  1. Jhggjsjssj Says:

    Wow you’re fucking gay. Lol

  2. Sleepy Says:

    Great episode! Ghost in the Shell is one of my favorite PS1 games. As for why the tone is so much more lighthearted than the movie, it’s because this game is based more on the manga, what with its inclusion of the fuchikomas. The movie was honestly more Mamoru Oshii’s film than it was Masamune’s.

    You should do an episode on Oni, which was Bungie’s tribute to GITS.

    Also, I’m sorry for your loss…

  3. RegalSin Says:

    As you talked about earlier, you fail to mention, that publishers work closely with game makers, teams. In Japan, when they make a game it is part of the series, not just a remake or rehash…….

    Fujicoma is obviously referecing Fuji film-camera, or Fuji, in another sense, as GITS is techie based cyber punk based, and most CP series do make references to things that relates to technology. An easy example is Amiga 2000 vs Cherry 2000.

    Gel you also forget that people states wide never knew what GITS was asides the stupid animated movie, we all remember from way back then. GITS was still new, compared to “Dominion Tank Police”.

    This is probably the earliest a GITS comic was animated and was not a made for movie film. The first and last time Major was animated for a TV/OVA audience, probably the last time as well.

    Another thing to know Gel, is the animation team all changed after the second “Dominion Tank police”, as well as how many people get older and move on, to how Robot ( I mean to say lifeless ) people become as industries grow. For Japanese animation, their was alot of censoring, and talk of 3d, towards the late 1990’s. That is probably why the newer GITS series all seemed dead, the way Major acts alienated or less human compared to this game.

    It is like when we went to college, and everybody was filled with excitement, to be apart of it all. But towards the end, the new people started to come in, and were not too excited, and many people were working on their finals. The same way people became inhuman towards each other. I am sure family members we knew, who all grew up, stop being the people we knew at some point and became alienated towards each other. The creator of “Lum Chan” said it best, “the way they did things, with animation, after her later series, she did not like”.

    Back then Japanimation was off the charts ( like that system we do not talk about ), and good the way it was. Nobody cares about GITS in that method. Also Gel, Mecha games are a real thing, just not in the west.

    For the first part you sounded like you was bashing the game, however you came around towards the end. That is why my response is erratic. Otherwise another nice review.

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