GameMetabble – Licensed Games

By request, here’s a discussion on licensed games, what makes a good one, and why Japanese licensed games always seem better.

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2 Comments on “GameMetabble – Licensed Games”

  1. Jhggjsjssj Says:

    Dude you sound like you have a dick in your mouth. Haha!

  2. RegalSin Says:

    Gel does not have a dick in his mouth, he is a respectable member of the fictional community, and should respected such. For the videogame community is iconic, as most western people into videogame, are Gelish. Take away the hair, the voice, the glasses, and bio-mass, your just left with a, bland looking guy from the, beginning of pokemon GS, who tried to show you how to catch a pokemon. Your, just being gelly. jhggjsjssj, get it, Jelly……gelly person.

    I mean for crying out loud, why mention the fact you have tits on the brain, not to mention, imagining men with things in their mouths.


    Gel, I really enjoyed this episode, however due to the dickless, no internet privacy, home invasion lawbs, my life is frustrating, and I do not know if I will be okay, due to the problems with the lawbs.

    About Licensed games from the west, yes your right about the whole time frame and pointing out wayfoward. However you failed to mention, many of the people in Japan, are working side by side with the aritst, writer, of the comic/animation in question.

    Take for example “Justy”, which was an contest entry, of an comic. The artist/writer heavly worked side by side, with the animation team, to get it just right. The resulted with a blandish animation, compared to “Dominion Tank Police I”, which was alive and exciting, the same for “City Hunter” series. Another thing to think about is how the remainder of the Dragon Ball series, AKA GT was written, and done by people who animated the series, by permission of the creator.

    An easy example of this is “Tokyo Mew Mew”, and “Tenchi in Tokyo”, which has “side stories that per-exsist in the comic itself.
    Or that story somehow comes into contact with the comic/animation.

    Great review, also all batman games are good, their has not been a bad batman game, I can remember??

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