GameMetabble – 3/17/2014 A Whole Lotta Ramblin’

Who wants to hear me talk about Atelier Escha & Logy, Final Fantasy XIII-3: Lightning Returns, and Titanfall for 30 minutes?

…wait did someone raise their hand?!

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3 Comments on “GameMetabble – 3/17/2014 A Whole Lotta Ramblin’”

  1. Sleepy Says:

    As a rule, I typically only buy a new console once 20 retail games that I’m interested in have been released.

    I’ve got a few requests for games and topics for your show:
    Oni for PS2

    Tecmo Deception retrospective including Deception IV

    Magus for PS3. People are comparing this to Deadly Premonition in terms of “so bad it’s good”

    Talk about the 10 games that define you. Not necessarily your favorites, just games that helped shape your tastes and fueled your passion for video games.

  2. RegalSin Says:

    I understand they edit, edit, edit.

    About Persona PSX. If they corrected their mistake, they should have issued a PSX, disc in the PSP packaging.

    Making it easier, is not a good thing to say. They pretty much just said, hey lets dumb down the game, for these savage retards. Ninja Gaiden, probably does out sell in the west, because it looks like something out of……..”Big Trouble in little China” and that is what Ninja Gaiden is basically.

    That simplistic NG is no longer realistic. I wish it was true but it will never be. We just need to learn Japanese, Geltonz, and admit we are illiterate, monster human, gagin, derogatory terms for foreign people.

    Koei makes those strategy games. These games are not the greatest quality but they save money because they are the last ones to show up at the party. They make a lone number of products. Think of them as being the TIGER ELECTRONICS of videogames.

    Mugen, Mugen, Mugen, cough cough Electbyte, Mugen………….

    Netflix, sucks…….

    I love FF12, story. I really wished it was like FF8/FF7 random battles. I mean all the “real-time” battles, was fun, I but hey.

    Can you steal or get special items, from enemy. Because Square died around FF11, and FF12 is the new FF6.

    FF6/FF12 both are accrediting a certain artist. FF13 is on a bloody No-BOX AKA X-BONE. That is why. The No-BOX was sappose to have super high HD-DVD add-on powers but no.

    Titan Fall FPS ( yawn )… game crash on logo not good.

  3. RegalSin Says:

    Videogames do not define me, as a person or consumer. It is the current trends. I would say, I was in it for the 2d, and for awhile was a 3d cultist, but now, what can I say. I am neither a consumer or maker, so their is nothing to say anymore.

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