GameMetabble – The WORST Idea!

This idea is terrible! What was I thinking?! Oh of course! That terrible ideas are sometimes brilliant!

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One Comment on “GameMetabble – The WORST Idea!”

  1. RegalSin Says:

    Well, Norse mythology. Earth Defense Force…..????
    I remember a game from the SNES, that had that. I think I have it somewhere among my pile.

    Thing is Gel, if you haven’t notice, the uhhmmmm ratio of Sanitation officers, and Police officers answers that question. “Angela’s Ashes” should answer that question.

    Ha ha ha ha “SIntendo” remember this idea from “Game Informer”. Nintendo already did something like this back in the 1990’s with “Killer Instincts” and then with “Resident Evil”

    Gel, we are alien to their cultures. Did you know Pilgrims/Missionary based in India destroyed the nude statues? If you took Art Ancient History, you might actually get why we do not have such things. Also various people in our religion gel, believe that people are not mature until we are thirty? Why Nuns were created, bottom-line we are living in a gigantic Church, in the dark ages, are the only ones reproducing.

    Gel I am pretty darn tooting sure, you know you do not need a console system to get the games you want. So why bother.

    You make the “guy” sound like “Bane”.

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