Gaming with GEL – Kinect Sports Rivals

Here we go! The big showcase of the new Kinect’s capabilities: Kinect Sports Rivals and…it’s…worse than the original?!



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One Comment on “Gaming with GEL – Kinect Sports Rivals”

  1. RegalSin Says:

    X booxxxxx Dickless booxxxx Noooo booxxx…………….. ha ha ha X box come forth…

    Oh look ballzzz. I wonder if they are Goku’s
    Reminds me of “UMF” Ultimate FFIghter

    You think that is pretty impressive? Why don’t they just do this.

    Listen to that Scottish accent, can you smell the mead.

    Tarrrunn your head away from me gald….also known as baaarrre

    It do not like this thing, it looks like police profilng, to be honest.

    Ohhheewwwee what a skinny buttex, and flat chest you have. Even the spaced out crotch. Is that really you??? Hair is kinda short, for you..

    The game made you look, like a metrosxual, I guess that is how everybody would look like if they were a neat freak. and had time to be like Helln Degenerate, and spend money on making the rest of her body look glowy, instead of with a messed up balding head.
    I am just using that example, because her hair is unnaturally done, along with the rest of her plastic looking face.

    GELLLAA SUFFFA STTTARRRR………enough with the Dinosaur music, please…………………… You be beasting those brownies at the GYM…..something, something GYM maniacs would say.

    Oh look Trrreeeeedddddd warrrrllldddd. Sacccarr suffff staarr. They do not want boxing becuase it is the no-violence box.

    Gel Disney sufffaaa stttarrrrrr…….. ( Next time on Gel richie richie Metro sexualized, man meat, he meets his match…)

    They should just make all X-box games sync with one 3d model, so it can resued, and morphed in different ways. Then add DLC. Imagine if this was really “South Island” and Gel ran through hoops. It looks like Cortex/Robotnik have abandoned ship, and it is Gel island.

    Play teh tutorial, what you think this is an NES. No we have profiling technology. Your blown away by something, that collects information, for your “Face Off”, when “they live” starts rolling in.

    Remember how RE4 on GCN had no load times. Hey look it is balding military rubbish. RRAAwwwwwhhh I have medals.

    You can’t skip, it is an not an NES, or genesis, or N64…oh wait N64 had voice recognition.

    Hey look wave race N64, but less funner, and more blander. All this blast proccessing power, and not a single AI CPU character.

    It’s bald jailer man, with medals, oh noes. Because the game is for four year olds.

    Oh I get it, I suppose, be all Kenitic.

    GO virtual Gel. Didn’t the PS2, had an eye toy for fighting graphics. You could do Virtual Fighter on the PS2, with your body, asides Nights.

    IN future world, where educational programs for high speed toys, do not have the equipment.

    This announcer reminds me of the horse races, when we would squirt water at the carnival.

    A oh, 720 cock-sucking rubbish, seems not want to respond to you.

    “Hi I am from Speed Racer, and I was just about to make it with this lesbian, but now you have to race more games.”

    Do wake racing……the 720 demands it……….

    Do it,………You just realize that woman in the back is on purposely arching her back to make them look bigger. I have no problem with this……………..

    If this was an MMORPG, I am pretty sure it would have been better.


    Here is my question for a show, How does DKC look and play compared to the original SNES games, on a real legitimate 20″ TV or normal 8.5 X 11″ display ( in terms of tv display ), I would like to see a comparison video.

    Because people keep whining about how they can’t even see the enemies in DKC, SNES and other SNES games. It would be nice, and what you think about, the games in contrast, and the enemies, etc

    because the idea of videogames are not to be played on high-end stuff, unless it is LUXARY computers, or a luxary system, which newer game stuff have become.

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