GameMetabble – Gotcha Force: Rise of Incarnates?!

Namco has a new free to play arena fighter made by WHO?!

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One Comment on “GameMetabble – Gotcha Force: Rise of Incarnates?!”

  1. RegalSin Says:

    Thak yu, Geltonz, for this review. It was everything I could ever hope for You actually enlightened me, to update my game collection.

    Remember Gundam War 4 ( the Windows DOS game ), basically the same thing. Yeah, Virtual On. Well, is basically GW4, but in 3d. You can download Gundam War 4 for free. I don’t know if anybody even reviewed that game.

    Gel, you are right, we need more bright ANIMATED, and COMIC BOOK looking themed worlds, as with the Apex of all fighting games, being StreetFighter II:Rainbow/Turbo into the StreetFighter vs X-men ( if we can remember that perfection, before Fatal Fury took over ). But that is just the thing, Gel for our generation, that was and is still the Apex. We wish, it could just be normal characters, and such.

    Oh yeah, Gel, Gel, Gel, you forget to mention Gem fighters, Pocket Fighters ( chibi Virtual On Steet Fighter ), Yeah POWER SSTONES, POWER STONES!!!!!!!! All they need is the POWER STONES, AND GEMS, and the game would be perfect.

    Another thing to note, is how the Final Fantasy and Castlevania fighter game, that is being popularized. Personally I really like, the way they are going, but the “fighting in the sky” bit is kinda lame. Speaking of which you remember, the cut scenes, it feels like some kind of Chinese mystical drama. They got tons of these.

    Thank you again, I really mean that, I might go and play some Power Stone, and maybe, just maybe some Virtual-on right now.

    What sucks the most, I have an idea about how to revive, one of our lesser known Capcom series. Simular to what you call the “Virtua-On” stylistic 3d gameplay, but could also be used in a 2d fighting genre. The suckie part I do not know how to program, this

    Also I really hare the anti-school girl, pro-westerner trend Japan has right now. Many of the games, are just appealing to American audience, while others are just appealing to youth,

    GEL consoles suck ballz nowadays. They do not love us anymore GEL, because they are us. We are either working in the field, or not. It sucks when we are like slates on the side of the whole genre. These “reviewers” many of them are English majors. You have to under GEL, that, in today’s world, the PC ( computer ) has returned to being considered a console. I got into the trend so much, I brought a Japanese machine, just for the cosmetic features of the machine, with the matching keyboard. I am talking about -100Mhz, maybe even 40, for over -700 dollars.

    That is how lame, being a console gamer is nowadays, at least in my opinion. I mean I could be having fun, but then again I feel like I being robbed, and I feel like how I felt before I even started going to grade school, I feel like I am outcast of my own kind, because of confusion. Like the same shallow people in highschool, are still dominating and we are just dealing with their bs.

    Speaking of PC gel, in my local Gamestop, they are selling DLC cards, for PC titles, and my local specialty shop, they have a bunch of PC games, in boxes.

    I just do not have the money or time, to want to support this anti-male regime. That is right, today’s fictional material is anti-male, and it is impossible to buy it. The “Women and children” first bit, has gotten to the point, where the fem-nazi’s have taken over. Console gaming is garbage for us normal thinking people GEL, unless we have money. I am sorry to say. I mean great games, but barely any freedom, of happy upbeat thinking power. While I could go into anti-male, and pro-non-heterosexualism, pro-womanist bs, I am not going to go into right now.

    Don’t worry, GEL, sooner or later a console, will be made, that will suit our means. I don’t know how or when it will come, but I am sure it will come one-day.


    The thing is, we grewed up, and Videogame people, are now computer game people. Scary huh. Like back then people had the X6800 in Japan, which was a luxary computer, compared to a PC-98, or even lesser MSX. To get even lower, SEGA had it’s own computer which they quickly transformed into the Mark1-3.
    However this was, when the Atari, etc, American companies were in control of the videogame market ( as the oirignal videogame market, was started in USA ). You know Apple, DOS, Acorn, Amiga, etc. Right now, we pretty much respect the computer as the console GEL.

    Then the “New kids on the block”, ( young adults are not kids ) who have the earning power, the Christmas and Birthday money, do not even know about anything before the X-box or even the N64. So we have this group of people, out their who think Halo and COD, and all of that PC, X-box Bullcrap, is videogames. That is why all of our RPG games, like “Dark Souls” all look like DAD, and Irish/Thor/Viking/Old English etc….Mid-evil fair Festival rubbish.

    For the west all the r-tarded fem-nazi, Gay-KK, Anti-Negro-Latino-League, and everybody else, who thinks a married woman who had like ten kids is a sexy thing. Basically the west is happy for videogames to feature pugly, ugly, finster, spinster graphics. THey consider the material to educational, especially when non-videogame people ( casual gamers, AKA the new housewives on the block ). When in truth it is has what those people who do not love videogames, is.

    It is not coming to any game system, because it will not gain the sales. Your ramble is delighted, for us.

    Demon Seed = X-Bone = 720

    Jojo Bizarre, Dark Stalkers, Waku Waku 7 Welll……..I could actually see that GEL. Because the game is actually fun like these games. I mean darrrrggggg, They are the new Capcom, all they need is a game between Kenji, and his crew. Maybe we might have a winner..

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