GameMetabble – Why the XBone “needs” Kinect

So we can all agree that packing the XBone with a Kinect was a terrible idea…so why hasn’t Microsoft stopped yet, anyway? Why don’t we have a Kinect-less XBone RIGHT NOW and how long will we have to wait to get one?

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One Comment on “GameMetabble – Why the XBone “needs” Kinect”

  1. RegalSin Says:

    Gel, I already watched it, but you kinda wented on and on about KSports again.

    RIght now nobody is using Kenetic games, I see videos of people “trolling” GTA and other games with the Xbox one log-off glitch, name thing………where the Xbox logsoff in the middle of gameplay. Basically a repeat of the PSO BSOD bug/patch we had to deal with, but even stupider.

    Gel, I would really love to see some comparison, videos, where you could overlap two or even three games, so people could have a better view of the games itself. I see tons of hits, on these videos, but nobody is doing any justice at all, with any of the comparisons. For example.

    DKC Wii, DKC WiiU, and DKC 1-3, and DKC GB ( since the first GB game is original ). Specifically the DKC1-3 originals, vs the DKCWii/WiiU. Obviously, the new users on the block, don’t know the difference, or just don’t understand, or see the difference at all.
    They just see the, zoom in of the worlds, and accept the lame DK64 humor.

    I take my DKC seriously, Gel. I think other people will too. Other games I feel would make a good comparison video, to overlap.

    Another one is the variety of fan made mario games, Especially that one, that uses the NEW SUPER MARIO graphics. Even Sonic GBA vs Sonic Genesis vs Sonic Genesis GBA port. Even Wolfenstien 3d GBA vs Wolfenstien DOS. Megaman vs Megaman games,

    Also by overlap ( Since I know your doing this with magical, Apple software, or super-science Windows software. I mean to show how the game could look like on a regular tv display, side by side and then overlapping.

    In order for people to enjoy the current generation, of games, they have to have an over sized display, That is something that gets to me sometimes. In my opinion, I am bothered by the displays.

    Again a lot of people are making these videos. I am only suggesting the idea. But nobody is doing the justice that needs to be done.

    In my opinion, a bunch of people would rush over, just to see these comparison videos.

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