New Releases – May 2014

Now on to May we have an…odd trickle of games. Mostly from Nintendo it seems. Huh. Mario Kart 8 and Drakengard 3 are the star games of the month!

    Kirby: Triple Deluxe (3DS)

A new Kirby game I completely have not researched! I probably should. I hear it’s good.
    Mario Golf: World Tour (3DS)

New Mario Golf for the 3DS! I’m a little disappointed to see Daisy in that terrible skirt again but I’m not a big golf guy anyway.


     Blood of the Werewolf (XBLA, PC)

Some kind of side scroller where you play a woman that’s a werewolf. Kinda Castlevania-y? Could be a thing.


     Drakengard 3 (PS3)

Okay! THIS is what I am excited about! I gotta be honest, I was not a fan of the first two Drakengards from the demos I played of them, but the concept was fun. Howver, after the sheer awesome that was Nier, I am giving this game a chance. Not to mention the big issue with Drakengard to me was mostly that the PS2 was just not beefy enough to handle the concept. Hopefully the PS3 is up to the task.


Mario Kart 8 (WiiU)

Probably everyone else’s big pick for Game of the Month, I am interested to see how the game turns out. I was unimpressed to say the least by the demo I played at Best Buy last year. From what I saw it was more of the same and has a looong way to go to even try and compete with the kart racing bliss of Sonic & All-Stars Racing Transformed (and Jak X of course). However a lot can change between E3 demo and full release and even if it isn’t the best kart racer ever made, I’m sure it will be fun, polished, and colorful. Also it has Daisy. I like Daisy.


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