GameMetabble – 5/12/2014

Just one of those episodes where I ramble for 20 minutes and pretend people care. Topics include Fuck Retail, oral surgery, Skylanders, and the Tales Of series.

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2 Comments on “GameMetabble – 5/12/2014”

  1. RegalSin Says:

    Gel, I am glad, that you got rid of tooth problem. I have mine. I went to one dentist, on my insurance, they were pro, just one two and out. Then I went to a public dental in an hospital ( poor peoples dentist ). The horror Gel, the horror. They were even talking about pokemon and adventure time…….the horror. One reason why foriengers rock, is because they dont know jack about our nation, or even the world is not so amazing.

    Gel, a job is a job. I once worked in a resteraunt. Comming homes with more money in tips. I felt so damn rich. But drinkin soda water coffee, or anything to stay up, along with order. I mean I was crazy. 7AM to 7AM kind of work. The way I see it, Wallgreens is a great place to work, a kinda job for a regular peson, not for an immigrant. So quitting just sucks. If not, I say you should become a public servant Gel.

    Public jobs pay the best, Gel. They have insurance, are protected
    Unions, and always enforce safety. You might be working alongside people, who might not like you, for various reasons, but for a person with no greater want in life.

    Like the saying go. A job for two, men of age. Gel you could even fly a passenger plane for a living. Their is no discrimination their either.

  2. RegalSin Says:

    I was watching the rest of that about TALES. Thing is, Tales was not by Namco. Namco tried to mimic Tales, but did not do so much of a good job, so they formed the “Tails fraction” of their company, which is what we have been seeing nowadays.

    Everybody knows the Tails story, I am sure you do, So I am not going to repeat it. However Star Ocean was a supieor game to Tales Of Phantasia, anyday of the week.

    What is funny Gel, is that Star Ocean II, had an entire tv series to it, but they were going to do, the “Blue Sphere” ( the GBC game, which is a combination of the first two games, but has a lot of features in it, with our favorite mechanic girl as the main character ), series, which is the real ending to Star Ocean II.

    So that is my take on the Tails series, Basically Star Ocean in a nutshell. Truthfully, it was probably the last best of best RPG’s ( Star Ocean/Tales Of Phantasia ) considering that SEGA did all of that before anybody else did. Star Ocean/Tails just made it futur.

    Again funny how SO2 had an entire series, but Tales of Phantasia, which had so much to offer the viewer, only had four OVA episodes, that started deep into the end of the series.

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