Hello GLOBAL Dungeon Fighter: The Best MMO Ever is BACK!

If there is one thing that always makes me a little misty eyed, it’s watching an MMO close. MMOs are the most finite form of gaming. Once those servers are gone? The game can never be played again. This is especially sad when the game in question just happens to be three dreams come true at once and one of the best brawlers ever made. Such was the case with Dungeon Fighter Online, one of South Korea’s top MMOs which took 5 years to get a US release only to be shut down after 3 years of poor advertising and technical issues.

You can read how I felt in this article here. If you think I sound broken up, you should see some of my friends! You don’t really know what you have until it’s gone and without Dungeon Fighter, finding an MMO worth playing is very difficult.

Worse yet, due to corporate issues, it seemed Dungeon Fighter couldn’t make a comeback like Audition Online did. Audition was from a separate company so passing the rights along was quite doable. Dungeon Fighter, however, was basically the sole product of Neople, a company Nexon had recently merged with. Essentially Nexon owned Dungeon Fighter lock, stock, and barrel it seemed. No other company could bring it back…


…or so I thought.


Somehow, Neople themselves are now launching Global Dungeon Fighter Online! In fact, it is currently in Open Alpha so you can play it right now! Truly, there is a God!

Notice I keep using that word: Global. This is a BIG deal! Why? Well…Dungeon Fighter Online never made it out of Beta in Europe. I don’t even think it went to Open Beta! Now, Europeans can finally play the game and they can join the rest of us! This makes me ecstastic! Speaking personally, I have friends in the UK, Hong Kong, and Australia with one friend moving to Taiwan soon! The fact that we previously couldn’t play together sucked! Now though, it seems we should be able to!

Yes that means we’ll probably see a bit more lag in PvP. I think we can deal with it, or divide our PvP rooms by region if we must. However, PvE should work great. DFO’s netcode ain’t too bad for that!

Now lets get the details out of the way: Right now it LOOKS like we’ll have to start over. Mind you this is still Alpha so anything is possible later on.

That’s the other point: this is the ALPHA. Chances are, our characters will get wiped. The website is disappointingly devoid of details.

Yes, this IS a necessary Alpha it seems as the Fighter’s ponytail is currently flickering. I’m sure there’s plenty of other bugs to squash before they can safely open the cash shop.

Also accounts are tied to Facebook so make of that what you will.

So, how far back does this set us? Right back where we left off. In fact, my old install of DFO still worked! What? You thought I could bring myself to delete it?!

This does raise quite a few questions. How is Neople releasing this without Nexon? Aren’t they the same company? Did they split up? Was there a breach of contract with how badly Nexon handled the overseas release of the game? What miracle caused this to happen?!

You know what’s even funnier? I was literally just complaining about how Dungeon Fighter was shut down mere hours before hearing the news!

So sometimes…dreams DO come true! Welcome back everybody!

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3 Comments on “Hello GLOBAL Dungeon Fighter: The Best MMO Ever is BACK!”

  1. RegalSin Says:

    Login with facebook………………????

    • GEL Says:

      Yeah. You need a Facebook account to play. Just make a fake one. I always write Jam Pi as my name when I don’t wanna use my real one. I mean I’m not lying, I’m just omitting a bunch of letters! XD

  2. xGunNerd Says:

    It’s a miracle I tells ya.

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