Sonic Boom MAY be awesome…on 3DS anyway…

With the first gameplay footage of Sonic Boom on WiiU getting leaked, views of my article “Sonic and the Worst Fandom Ever” spiked with 151 views in a single day!

However, I had to agree, Sonic Boom looked pretty awful. More accurately, it looked like Sonic Unleashed if it was all Werehog all the time. Thus I wrote a…rather emotional article shortly after I saw the footage. As bad as some Sonic fans are, no one should like a game just to not look like a whiny fan.

Besides, the point of that article wasn’t to make Sonic fans look bad, it was to explain why they got that bad in the first place! Trust me guys, I sympathize with you.

Well, with E3 having come and gone, footage of the 3DS Sonic Boom has surfaced and I have to say…this looks pretty good!

Admittedly it’s lacking in speed, but it does look like a Sonic-y enough platformer. Unsurprisingly it’s coming from Sanzaru. Seems Big Red Button is doing the WiiU one while Sanzaru handles the 3DS one.

As I said in my previous article, Sanzaru did the recent Sly Cooper: Thieves in Time on PS3 and while it wasn’t the greatest game in the series, it was a serviceable entry that certainly pleased fans. Sonic Boom: Shattered Crystal for 3DS looks to be much the same. The chance of this being a favorite Sonic game are slim, but the chance of it being better than the WiiU game are astronomically high!

…unless you really liked the Werehog. I mean I know it had some fans so at least they’ll enjoy the new Sonic Boom.

Either way, my point is: Sonic fans, don’t give up hope!

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One Comment on “Sonic Boom MAY be awesome…on 3DS anyway…”

  1. RegalSin Says:

    Sonic Boom has been renamed Sonic Toon, in Japan. It is that auwful. I mean the gameplay is not bad, the graphics are not bad. However the overall statement is bad. I mean look Sonic has those thing on his body because he runs alot, Tails is a techie, so he is dressed up like an mechanic ( Roater from SATAM ), Amy is a girl, who is horny so she is like Elmira from Tiny Toons, and Knuckles is alone, and is suppose to every single barack theme since 1980’s Jamaica, so he is super big and thus super strong.


    Bottom-line the makers of the CGI animation killed it for E3. First we had the cool, software people trying so hard to make these games playable, but then we have the forsaken, guy at the very end, who kinda Beetlejuiced the entire event. I mean that in an negative way.

    I love the graphics of the game, but FTLOGsh why, oh why did they have to try and make Sonic have an age difference??? Sonic is suppose to be an ageless character, who is around 15-25, and no more. However they on purposely made it seemed that everybody grew up, and are the way they are suppose to be. I mean looking at Knuckles is just so sad. How is that an improvement???? How does that make any sense at all??. The bots, Robotnik, etc could be whatever, but for some reason, no they screwed up everything.

    If you ever watched Amazon/Lost with Magaretta, they have an Jungle girl character, who is what Sonic and friends should look like.

    Otherwise not my problem. Just the millions of brainwashed morons across the globe who are going to be introduced to this rubbish as being, The Sonic game.

    Sonic Dona II ( Sonic 2006 ) did not really turn out well. I mean what about Sally? Sonic just kinda stopped on the SA2 game, which I even have returned. I will admit Shadow the Hedgehog is biblical in a sense, we actually have a reason for another Moddona. Otherwise Sonic stopped being great once it reached the SA2 stage. I mean why do I have to jump inside of an circle in SA2???? It makes no sense, In SONIC 2 it made sense, but all of these 3d games with the giant spinning circle makes me think hmm……….

    Sega is so ancient, nobody will ever know how auwsome anything ever was. Did you read the article about the abandoned arcade in Japan, that was found, after being sold??? It is so depressing.

    I mean everything Gel, from animations, to comics, to ficiton, we are like relics. I know it makes me feel depressed especially the knowing fem-nazi homocaust anti-male regime that rules the west with an iron crotch.

    You know their was a burning of violent videogames, Any videogame you could find violent, was thrown into the blaze. OMGSH, the horror, it is sad that people blame rubbish like that instead of bad parenting, and unruly students.

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