GameBabble – Battle Princess of Arcadias (Review)

Battle Princess of Arcadias? How can I NOT buy that! It’s got a BATTLE PRINCESS in it! Also it looks like a low rent Odin Sphere. I want a low rent Odin Sphere! Bring it!

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2 Comments on “GameBabble – Battle Princess of Arcadias (Review)”

  1. RegalSin Says:

    Dude GEL do not diss Princess Crown, and don’t diss FLASH. Some great game series comes from FLASH as well. Sometimes it is the only outlet for an creator, of games to go to.

  2. RegalSin Says:

    I mean to say, Their needs to be more 2d games, and personally I could actually see the problems with games as well. Basically this game is for the HD crowd. Have you seen HD Sonic 2, and HD Ecco.

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