GameMetabble – Moving Channels?, I’m Old, and Genres

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4 Comments on “GameMetabble – Moving Channels?, I’m Old, and Genres”

  1. RegalSin Says:

    I writing this as your video plays……….

    A second channel? Well, I think you should organize it.
    Well can you make a second channel if you have another email account?

    I don’t subscribe I read this thread………..

    Divide and conquer that is what Caesar said.

    You can post videos as private, for private visitors???

    I don’t think so. If something is weird, I think you should change the age requirements to 26+

    Why not get a girl in your videos while your at it. It works for other videos. Just saying look at the dar-gon..pudiepie ( ryhmes with coodie pie AKA Wendy O’ Koopa ). He sound more etc you, but he looks like if he doesn’t even needs the views.

    “Dream to fight me in Sonic fighters”. My gosh LOL I can’t believe anybody takes that serious. Waku Waku paradise maybe but that game. HA. We were one time were like that GEL. I remember whooping but on people when we were at the arcades back when “Battle Arena Toshinden” and “Tekken 3”, and of course “Street Fighter II” was out. We were like that Gel, I was whopping behind too. People were like “Am I going to listen to this person about gaming advice, and he is like ten years younger then me.

    Why Amy has Sonic hair? Hmm Well boys are blue and girls were skirts and are pink. That is why, folks but apparently Minnie mouse is no longer a character. Makes you think about equality beteween the sexes we had back then.

    If I had all the knowledge I had when i was eleven, I surely wouldn’t be playing any Sonic Balh blah bah. Anyways, whom am I to say. In fact when I was that age I was discovering girls, or girls were discovering me. Yeah it is great to be young and alive.

    A world without polygons…….HA HA HA HA HA. That is because people do not care anymore because nowadays we have soo many CELL PHONE BS coming out. Seriously flash is taken seriously nowadays.

    1982 GEL NES. 1985 was the apex of our society. We had peace, nobody cared about the war. It is like that right now. Go outside get somebody pregnant. HA HA HA. It will be like 1985 all over again.

    GEL the thing is this IF I HAVEN’T SEEN IT, THEN IT IS NEW TO ME WEEK. History, yeah what history, I am messing with Floppy 5.12” disks.

    Well Gel just stop, stop saying old. Just admit, your not making the big bucks, you or I should be making. Lets be fair about it. Old means outdated. We are not outdated, we are the original Clerks.

    GEL a shooter is a shooter. I am working one right now.

    Guardian Heroes. only bonus is the usage of the Saturns scaling abilities. The PCE could also do such things. Dragon Ball game on it slightly does it, but that is one on one.

    Assembler meh, they need to let me back in one of these days.

    Outdated, ,Outdated????? 3d

    Not a Beat em up. If so it is most cheapest example of Beat em ups. Dynasty Warriors is a strat game. Remember Dragon Force.
    Basically take out the leader, get to the goal, or Mystic Warriors ( GCN, Gamecube ).

    You can read me, then do a comparison of DKC SNES and DK Wii/U????

    A Beat-em-up is the second level of the best kinda graphics you will find on any 2d consoles. Fighters are suppose to have the best graphics, the most sprites, and most memorable back drop.
    That is why playing or seeing Marvel/X-men vs Capcom/Streetfighter is always auwsome.

    I think the best moment was in Mugen, where onslaught was getting taken down by the PowerPuff girls. THose poor poor Powerpuffs. Somehow we can accept them and not MLttlePony.
    Seriously look what they did to the Power Puff girls. They were so perfected in everyway. Seriously Pinky Pie, is that Western Oni from “Abnoxous Aliens” but they removed the split personality disorder.

    Wu-tang gang, It was a gimmick from a music video, that had it’s own series?? I forget but I remember the characters.

    Smash Brothers is a fighting game period. Not an party game. We call it a party game for the kiddies at the pokemon center. Back when we had a pokemon center.

    Power Stones is a fighter. In fact they kinda reinvented fighting games for the 3d realm. I could really go for some Power Stone
    Then of course their is Rival Schools……….what happend Capcom, what happend? Rival Schools > Every Capcom fighter that will ever be made that does not bare the Rival Schools name.
    SFIV has too much crap and zooms on screens. They should just implent a replay mode of the game, like Rival Schools.

    Def Jam. It is just rap stars turned into a fighting game. Remember “Celebraty Deathmatch” Basically what that is but mostly featuring rappers. THey have two sequels?
    Def Jam wrestling is because the popularity of WWF among various music fans. Sadly 50 cents is in it, never got to be on Oprah, but was on MadTv. Oh right Spy vs Spy and Celberaty deathmatch is a videogame as well.

    Doom clone, Doom clone, Doom clone All FPS are basically doom clones. Seriously if Doom was tweaked enough, all FPS games could be emulated, including Mirrors Edge, and Metroid Prime.

    Devil May Cry is a clone of itself. AKA Demon Ciry ( the ones without the cops ).

    Smash brothers is a fighter. Put it on hard Gel. But guess what? it is too easy. That is why people complain. Their is no such thing as a Party Fighter. Mario Party BS we had back then. Ever since then everybody wanted to make Party games. In Japan they had such games for years.

    Bouncer is like Hybrid Heavan. Mini-game fighting game inside of it. SQUARE-ENIX ( we make winners from now on not games like Bouncer and Chrono Cross ).

    A genre is basically created by fans, sellers, resellers, and advertments. Take Anime. Anime is just a short word for Japanese people who are too lazy to say the entire word Animation. Like in comics, most people think Comics are Action, while people reference adult material as to Graphic Novels, and Comics from Japan is Manga. But comics are comics. Old money hates new money. Basically we divided ourselves. Remember the buring of the violent videogame bs, recently. The same with burning of books. Hi-culture looks down on low-culture.

    Satorne Emulator. Their is also an original. Saturn is emulators. I have the Victor V Saturn. It has the same color scheme of an SFC. A guy came into our apartment to fill the pipes with glue ( ha ah ah ), he saw my Saturn, and was like “I haven’t seen one of those since I was a kid”.

    Seriously GEL, Saturn barely has anything. Seriously Arcade ports can’t emulate correct. Meh Saturn vs emulation, Saturn wins.

    Rangers is really a PSO pre-game. Princess Crown….I haven’t finished it yet. Panzer Dragon RPG is great. Soothing.

    Kids these days. Saturns. Kids these days need to realize their privacy and freedoms are at stake. Gel Snoden was right, internetz need to go back to 1995.

  2. Baines Says:

    My personal naming scheme:
    “Fighting game” in general is a two player “versus” (competitive) fighter.

    “Brawler” covers fighters that have more than two players, particularly when those players are not on the same team. Brawler can also cover a game with a lot more environment interaction, or simpler fighting systems. So I’d consider the first Power Stone a “brawler”.

    “Beat’em-up” is one-against-many, where the “many” are AI controlled, and the majority of those enemies are much weaker than the player character.


    People consider Smash Bros to not be a fighting game because they didn’t want Smash Bros to be considered a fighting game, and thus tried to make definitions for “fighting game” that excluded aspects of Smash Bros. It was rather funny, and annoying, reading places like SRK forums when Melee was starting to build. People would come up with these itemized lists of things a fighting game couldn’t have while remaining a fighting game, which included things like “ring outs” (Virtua Fighter, Soul Calibur) and “random item spawning”/”healing items”/etc (Samurai Shodown 2). So then you got the argument that having too many “non-fighter” aspects meant it wasn’t a fighting game, again with these “non-fighter” aspects all being based on Smash Bros, and of course would move the line of how many was too many as necessary. (It was a lot like the old Roguelike definition arguments on Usenet way back in the day.)

    If the attitude has changed over the years, then it may largely be from new fighting game fans coming in who play Smash. The old guard get aged out eventually.


    Wu-Tang Shaolin Style was kind of entertaining when it was new. The PS1 is not exactly a home to compelling 4 player 3D fighters. 3D in general was rough in those days, and often doesn’t age well for either (or both) gameplay or graphics. In that regard, Wu Tang probably feels worse these days than it did at launch, not that it was particularly popular even at launch. Games like the PS2’s Urban Reign do the four player free-for-all street fighter idea better.

    Early 3D is such a rough area. The four-player Kunio fighting game on the NES probably holds up better today than a game like Wu Tang, and certainly would have more people willing to try playing it today.

  3. Sleepy Says:

    Making a new channel is not a bad idea, just make sure you let your subscribers know about it. Don’t forget to edit your older blog posts so that they embed the videos from the new channel. I also think you should make episode title cards for your videos, it would give your channel a more professional look.

    Saturn emulation has significantly improved, with the best emulator, in my opinion, being SSF. There are still some games that are buggy (most of the 3D fighters) and some that just don’t work (Saturn Bomberman). Fortunately a lot of the games, including essentials like Panzer Dragoon Saga and Radiant Silvergun play perfectly.

  4. gsilverfish Says:

    I’m with Baines in the use of “brawler” to describe that sort of thing, though I use it to describe pretty much anything that has that certain “anything goes” kind of aspect to it, whether it’s team/co-op or even something like Devil May Cry. You can make distinctions within that but it’s all brawling to me. A “fighting” game has an air of sophistication about it, a glorification of the idea of “one on one combat,” or a even a “duel.” That’s what it means to me, anyway.

    Anyway I just want to make sure you put Dynamite Cop on your list of contenders. It’s probably not the most technical but I love that game. :)

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