GameBabble – Sonic the Fighters (Review)

…okay so I just did this episode so I could do the Token GameBabble History Lesson.

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3 Comments on “GameBabble – Sonic the Fighters (Review)”

  1. RegalSin Says:

    Yuji Nanka helped killed the SEGA CD.

    HA HA HA My have times have changed. Shadow = Sonic Moddana ( MMMMARRRIIIIIAAAAAA ( ADDRRRIIENNEE , )

    That is so lame. I really hate “FIghters Megamix” I really enjoy the game and all, but without people the game is lame to play. Thanks for giving the info about those two characters.

    Yeah we had nice stuff when we were growing up Gel. Remember right now, since 2001 we have had wars, and anti-privacy parade and tons of bs.

    FIghting Viper………..Honey ( Chibi morphed ).

    Black Ryu/Evil Ryu okay Sonic.

    Yeah times got bs. More Bs, we are going to deal with it.

    It is Sonic. Sonic is like “Pikmen” to people, who grewed up with “Porky Pig” when that was new.

    The sad part is that I wish how Sonic CGI looked 24/7 why can’t they just ruses sprites for the Saturn or game itself.

    It is a kids game. I can’t believe this game was made. It looks so nice.

    AOSTHH. I miss AOSTHH. Sonic did all sorts of things.

  2. RegalSIn Says:

    It does not matter how many cores you have, the computer programming only looking for one proccesser. Not every program uses double processers.

    You asked for lab-top from your grandmother. Got $1000 and decided to purchase a cheap lab-top on the side to bring to school??

    What the blazes.

  3. Ophelia Says:

    Hmm, characters sharing a lot of moves and differentiated by special moves? Sounds like the Smash Bros. games to me, which is undoubtedly a very popular franchise. (They’re starting to buck that trend with characters like Mega Man and the Villager though.)

    I think Smash Bros. also limits itself to about 40 to 60 moves per character. I don’t think having a huge amount of moves is a bad thing–you just have to get more milage out of each move, design-wise.

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