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New Releases – August 2014

August 30, 2014

Is this another one of those months where I forget to post one of these and wait until the very end? YUP! Let’s take a look…


Sacred 3 (PS3, 360, PC)

I never played the Sacred series and this looks like a fun little Gauntlet-esque thing, however I have not purchased it due to a lack of character customization and…loot?


Freedom Planet (PC)

Since I’m doing this post-release I’m listing this game I had never heard of but oh my fuck did it deserve a buy. Freedom Planet is basically Sonic meets Rocket Knight made by a bunch of hardcore Sonic fans. The game wears it’s blatant inspiration on it’s sleeve and I respect that. I mean if you want something done right, do it yourself right? This game is incredible. Go look up the demo and give it a download, you will not regret it. You know I don’t hawk Indie games here because the grand majority of them are indeed overhyped garbage. This, however, is the next Dust: An Elysian Tale…wait…is it just me or are furries better at making indie games? This deserves further study…you hear that Beast’s Fury? GET GOOD.


Akiba’sTrip (PS3, PSP, Vita)

A game I cannot believe came to America. Akiba’sTrip is a game about beating up man-made vampires and stripping them. On paper it sounds horribly raunchy and offensive. In practice? It’s just plain silly! Seriously, this game is shockingly innoffensive! In fact, it’s actually Way of the Samurai! There is some confusion about the changes made to the US release. In reality, both men and women are strippable even in the Japanese game. The addition to the US release is sexy pin-ups of the male bosses, that’s it.Unfortunately the combat could use some work but maybe it picks up later. Also, do NOT choose Gamer difficulty. Currently stuck because of that.


Tales of Xillia 2 (PS3)

Hey! New Tales game! Admittedly I haven’t cracked into this yet because of school and the fact that Milla and Muzet don’t join until a little ways into the game and I hear it’s a bit restrictive about party makeup. Also admittedly, while I thought I would love Xillia and hate Graces, I found myself more drawn to Graces. Look I prefer 2D Tales above all else, but if you’re gonna do 3D…maybe you should take out the jumping. Side-step cancelling is far better than floaty wonky jumps.


Shadowgate (PC)

I haven’t grabbed this yet but oh my fuck do I need to. A remake of Shadowgate made by some of the original Macventure team and with both the original and remixed NES soundtrack. Yeah, that’s right, even the original crew adores that incredible Japanese Kemco soundtrack! How can they not? It’s the scariest shit ever! Seriously! Nothing is more terrifying than the Shadowgate MUSIC. Fuck the game, the MUSIC is made of PURE HORROR. It is the nervous whistling of a doomed man. *ahem* So yeah I need to buy this soon-ish.

GameBabble – Advanced Variable Geo 2 (Review/Retrospective)

August 27, 2014

What was SUPPOSED to just be a GEL’s Game Archives blew completely out of control into a full blown retrospective!

GameMetabble – New Channel and Toshinden Reminiscence

August 27, 2014

I talk about the channel move, Battle Arena Toshinden, and Akiba’s Trip!

GameBabble has a New YouTube Channel!

August 27, 2014

GameBabble now has a brand new YouTube channel! Check it out at:

Why move the channel? Simple! My GELTONZ channel was started 7 years ago, when YouTube has a policy of one channel per user. As such it contained an awkward mix of personal videos and my episodes. It was screamingly unprofessional. It made me wary to upload the random videos I was making for fun. So the channel was moved! What few videos did not transfer remain on my GELTONZ YouTube channel but otherwise you’ll find all the GameBabble and Gaming with GEL goodness on the new channel! I even fixed the audio on the Way of the Samurai 4 playthrough and that silly online Sonic the Fighters video I did.

Of course I have not migrated all the links yet and the suggestion of adding title cards is a very good one. These will be added in due time. However the important stuff is all moved and the channel is now up and running! Please enjoy!