GameBabble has a New YouTube Channel!

GameBabble now has a brand new YouTube channel! Check it out at:

Why move the channel? Simple! My GELTONZ channel was started 7 years ago, when YouTube has a policy of one channel per user. As such it contained an awkward mix of personal videos and my episodes. It was screamingly unprofessional. It made me wary to upload the random videos I was making for fun. So the channel was moved! What few videos did not transfer remain on my GELTONZ YouTube channel but otherwise you’ll find all the GameBabble and Gaming with GEL goodness on the new channel! I even fixed the audio on the Way of the Samurai 4 playthrough and that silly online Sonic the Fighters video I did.

Of course I have not migrated all the links yet and the suggestion of adding title cards is a very good one. These will be added in due time. However the important stuff is all moved and the channel is now up and running! Please enjoy!

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