Gamer and Proud

I try not to politicize this Blog but I realized I haven’t updated in a while so here’s a video I posted back when the “Gamers are Dead” articles dropped. It is…quite possibly the angriest I’ve ever been on camera.

More than likely I’ll have a few GamerGate articles coming very soon. If you’ve been following this blog you’re no doubt aware of how I feel on this issue and that I have a lot to say on it. I mean I started trying to review games ENTIRELY because I felt Game Journalists were doing a crappy job (see also: Your Review Sucks) so there’s that on one hand. Meanwhile on the other hand, I grew up enjoying a plethora of games with awesome female leads and it continually aggravates me to see them ignored and tossed aside with idiotic claims in order to further an incredibly skewed discussion.

I want more games with female leads, I want more women in the game industry, I think everyone deserves to enjoy videogames and we could use to see some more inclusive games.

However I do feel like I’m being kicked out of my own hobby, I do feel attacked, and I see a discussion so full of misinformation and negativity that it is doing far more harm than it is good to it’s own cause.

No one deserves to be harassed. There is no such thing as an “Acceptable Target”. Not Anita, not Zoe, not Milo, not Boogie, not Gamers, and not even Jack Thompson. Seriously, I think we really do owe him an apology. There is a line between criticism, jokes, and abuse. Jack deserved to be criticized, he did not deserve to be abused. We should be better than this and I don’t mean “gamers”, I mean “human fucking beings”. All of us.

Having said that, after years of feeling attacked by the gaming press, I did need to vent a little. I swear I make some sane, solid points in there somewhere but…well…some folks enjoy some legit rage:

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2 Comments on “Gamer and Proud”

  1. RegalSin Says:

    I responded earlier; but……..I will find that later on.

    People going to say bs everyday..about everything. Lets be realistic. It all went down hill since the N64 and X-box was released.

    Yeah Gel what do you think about “Dave Halverson” of “The Gamers Republic” and “Play Magazine”???? I stopped reading after the RE4 issue was released. Not because anything becuase it was hard enough to hunt down.

    Speaking of which. Any chance you could put in a good word with me for Assembler-games. I got banned-cannoned a long time ago for a remark towards a video ( which was jokingly ) and they painted me as something I am not.

    In college? Yeah I tried that too. Word of advice do not take Computer Science as a major because it is in the same field as Chemistry.

  2. RegalSin Says:

    Speaking of which it does not matter who comes first. All that matters is an artist creativity and that is about it. They just want attention in the wrong way.

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