Happy Dreamcast Day! 2014

Oh wow I forgot to post my celebratory Dreamcast Day video?! Egad I’m lagging behind!

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4 Comments on “Happy Dreamcast Day! 2014”

  1. RegalSin Says:

    Remember Simpsons and the Cult of the Cavebeer???


    Seriously last thing I need is more noobs on a Dreamcast

  2. RegalSin Says:

    While watching video

    Gel most people who was downloading and bootlegging Dreamcast were in their 30’s and 40’s. Everybody else was on the PS2 and GCN or X-box. X-box had online play as well. X-box live helped finished it off. Halo bs killed the Dreamcast.

    About arcades. Arcades died because of the gang problem we had in west. The prison culture ( AKA the Britney Culture ).
    Going outside as a teenager the entire place had Self-proclaimed-gang types all over the place. If not their was drug addicts and all kinds of crazy people out their Gel. You know “cool people”. So basically Gel we ( me and you ) was on the side of that culture that wanted to be on

    Gel the reason why; the Dreamcast failed is becuase SONY had the XXX market ( 10+ market ), while Nintendo
    had kiddie market. Eitherway big or small people had no reason to purchase a Dreamcast. It was an audience that
    was confused.

    What tanked the software sales is because people wanted pokemon and Final Fantasy games at the time Gel.
    Then their was Metal Gear Solid as well.

    SEGA was not going to make the Dreamcast Backwards compadible………. that is more roomers and more lies.
    Microsoft is not anybodies friend at all. The bigger issue with Dreamcast was the Madden games… They choose
    a Japanese company over an American company for the hardware.

    The X-box wiped out the Dreamcast. After the X-box released it was all downhill. The X-box had terrible graphics as well. Many games on the X-box was unplayable because the primary audience was all GCN audience or PS2 audience. The Dreamcast was as powerful as an GCN. Between the three models the GCN was better then all of them put together.

    Seriously GEL Windows CE was not the only option to program games on the system. WIndows CE could allow things
    to run on the Dreamcast; independent from the game itself. Windows CE was an third alternative to programming games for the system.

    Gel those words are full of lies. I do not mean to be rude but I owned the GCN of PSO. The reason why the
    PSO failed was because the graphics on the PS2 is garbage and the X-box game forced you to have an X-box live account
    just to play the game off-line. Anything that killed the GCN was the continuous BSODing on the GCN. People playing around
    with that crap all day long.

  3. RegalSin Says:

    I am not too sure on that age gap. eitherway the holidays of Birthday, Christmas, and Summer Vacation is usually where people spend money on these things. The internet did not hurt the Dreamcast one bit at all.

    About us….being young adults. All of that “cool stuff” had the good side and the bad side. Seriously everybody ( even before we were born ) was edgy. The only reason why people are not so edgy is because they have internet-glued to their heads called an r-tard phone

  4. Göran Isacson Says:

    An interesting perspective on the Dreamcast and it’s demise, though piracy and rumors sound like somewhat nebulous concepts to pin the blame on. Not impossible since I admit that I don’t really know how capable broadband was at that time, and Sony really didn’t need to do much but show pretty graphics since they had such good PR after Playstation and Sega had… well… the Saturn, that poor unfortunate soul. I did not know that Microsoft gave and then retracted their windows license, but most of the wikipedia stuff I read about that doesn’t really go into depth about it so I wonder how many games actually used it, and how important/influential it was? This one article I found:
    States that CE was but ONE possible operating system you COULD use if you wanted to, but that most of the popular games chose to use an operating system they developed on their own. Meaning that Windows CE, and it’s eventual license loss, doesn’t seem to have played that big a part in the consoles demise according to this information. A shame that Microsoft didn’t add DC backwards compatibility though, but considering how much money they were losing on the Xbox development I can see why they wouldn’t take the risk on spending even MORE money to include that functionality.

    I also read that SEGA did some really botched marketing campaigns in Europe, and that there was infighting among the upper brass since some of them didn’t even want to be in the hardware business. In between all of those things I guess that piracy and the bad will they had generated among gamers could be significant attributions to its failure, and losing a license might be the icing on the arsenic cake. Also seriously, did the Dreamcast have NO copy protection? I know you had to chip the PS2 to get it playing downloaded games, did Dreamcast not even have any protection against that?

    The switch from arcade to cinematic-style games being favored also sounds like a pretty reasonable reason. Heck, I think that Sony’s multimedia capacity is not to be underestimated here- the Dreamcast had TERRIBLE and extremely expensive internet capacities here in Europe so the biggest difference versus the PS2 was rendered null and void… but DVD’s? That’s what made my parents buy my PS2 for me- a device that was both for my entertainment AND theirs? Hell yes they were in on that. So not only were the increased focus on cinematic games but also cinema itself perhaps a reason for the Dreamcasts demise. Also, interesting notes on Capcom folding their fighting game division due to Sony’s rules for 2D games and how that changed them- did not know that. Still, Dreamcast did have cinematic games like Shenmue and so on, just a shame they didn’t seem to sell well enough to matter in the long run.

    So yeah- a lot of factors seemed to have contributed to the Dreamcasts undoing. Putting a lot of prestige on online gaming when online was in no way as developed as it needed to be (at least here in Europe) to carry it, lack of cinematic titles when that was where the mainstream audience could be found, lack of multimedia capabilities, lack of goodwill… in hindsight, the odds really were stacked against them. And maybe that was just the way the cookie crumbled- maybe the arcade era wasn’t financially viable anymore and the era of the cinematic was the future, and Sony owned that era- for better and for worse.

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