GameMetabble – October 9th – PlayStation TV sucks, Vib-Ribbon in America, Idea Factory > SquareEnix, and Bunnies

Sorry for the long delay between episodes but here’s an extra long one covering a BUNCH of topics like Skylanders Trap Team, the PlayStation TV’s crap compatibility, the US release of Vib-Ribbon, Persona 4 Arena Ultimax, Arcana Heart 3, and even how Idea Factory just kicked SquareEnix’s ass with a discussion on why Neptunia V and Fairy Fencer F are pretty awesome!


…yeah I know at least one guy is gonna give me crap for that.

(Also apologies for this being one of my tic-iest episodes)

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2 Comments on “GameMetabble – October 9th – PlayStation TV sucks, Vib-Ribbon in America, Idea Factory > SquareEnix, and Bunnies”

  1. OKAY so. I recently watched this here interview:
    where Tabata talks a bit about his work on XV and clarifies some things. Not sure if maybe you’ve already seen it or not, but in case you haven’t I can give you an abbreviated summation of the important parts.

    It’s not one-button combat or dodging… EXACTLY. From what I can tell, you do hold down a button to automatically block all incoming attacks… BUT doing so depletes an MP gauge that will apparently deactivate some of your attacks and movement options if it runs out, AND some attacks are unblockable AND there will be a system to “deflect” attacks if you block precisely before the attack hits that will leave an enemy open to counter-attacks. If I read one of his comments right, I think there’ll also be chip damage done if you just hold it down, not a lot but it will be there.

    Now as far as attacks go, it does look like his statement that holding down to attack IS true. What he says is that you attack through holding down the button and leaning the stick in the direction of the enemies and that was part of the plan from the start, that’s not something he’s changing after receiving player feedback. However.
    He mentions that “the timing of the attack will change the system”, whatever that means, that your attacks will change depending on how close you are to your allies and enemies, AND that by pressing a second button you will perform one of several “skills” equipped to the weapon.

    There will apparently be several skills you can equip per weapon, and apparently there will be a way to switch weapons in combat, each which will have different priorities, strengths and weaknesses etcetra. It will apparently be important to set up your arsenal right before you enter a battle, AND they intend to have the enemies use a lot of status-effect spells that will force you to think strategically. He actually calls out how seldom status-effects actually MEANS anything in Final Fantasy games compared to other JRPGS, and that he intends to change this. There will be no button-mashing through these enemies, you will have to be clever (a counter-argument could be that one doesn’t button-mash here but button-press, but I think the spirit of the argument is that you won’t just hold a button to win).

    Now… I have to admit, it is not clear how this is done? I first got Dynasty Warrios vibes with regular light attacks and heavy finisher attacks, but I’m not so sure anymore. I’m not sure if this is a case of “heavy finishing skills and regular light attacks”, or how “timing” of the attacks is a thing when you hold a button down (the thing that comes to my mind when I hear timing is Devil May Cry, but I dunno if that’s the case here), or if skills are going to take MP and that they will be disabled if you run out by blocking. I would really like to see them demonstrate the battle-system in real time, and show the button presses as they go along since that’d be about the only way to make any sense out of this system, buut that might have to wait a while.

    See… part of the reason all the negative feedback came from demo testers? Was because they didn’t actually HAVE all the cool stuff that previous trailers showed, like weapon switching, a form of teleportation dashing and jumping which would lead to jump attacks and parkour climbing giant monsters etc. People got mad and wondered why that was removed, and the answer is that it wasn’t removed… it just wasn’t ported over yet.

    Because the demo that was shown at E3 with all the cool stuff in it was made in an old “environment” called Ebony. I have no idea what they mean by that word, they actually say it in English, “environment”, but apparently they have recently ported it over to a new environment called Luminous. I don’t know if this stands for the engines they’re using or something else, but I’m wagering that’s what happened here since they HAVE stated that they’ve changed engines for the project. So essentially, the version they demonstrated on TGS was HEAVILY gimped, and they then showed a video where Noctis DOES a lot of the stuff previous trailers showed but which wasn’t available at TGS, stuff they had only recently managed to port over.

    Soo yeah. Tabata says multiple times that he was basically so eager to show them something playable that he didn’t even consider that public opinion of a VERY barebones version that didn’t even have the functions demonstrated in a trailer shown not too long ago would be QUITE negative, and he apologizes just as many times for it. He says “I can’t really keep a secret, so I thought it would be best to just show what we have and be open about it” which… admirable on the one hand, but dude- people have been waiting almost a DECADE for this. Showing them something which you admit wasn’t even really that polished after all this time? That’s not a recipe for internet firestorm at ALL.

    Anyhow, he says that he will share more information when he visits Paris for some other expo later on this fall. I’m not sure what expo he’s referring to here though, but I am eagerly looking forward to how the internet will explode once more. He also states that they are about 55 % done with producing assets for the game, the whole part where it’s all tied together hasn’t apparently gotten started just yet.

    Also- while I would be all for more Shadow Hearts-y goodness, I’m just worried that a Final Fantasy game about the Civil War will have to involve the question of slavery (and if it’s the war for independence, it will prrrobably have to ALSO involve slavery AND the treatment of Native Americans), and I… dear lord, I don’t really have confidence Square Enix could handle the subject with the respect and dignity it deserves, let alone that America would be able to handle it without descending into white-hot rage. Really not sure if he should follow his dreams there.

    So. I’ll just add something about fightan too because why not, already splurged this much. I have yet to play either Blazblue or Persona 4 Arena, but from what I’ve seen people are really not feeling Chrono Phantasma, complains are coming in everywhere… people aren’t satisfied with either story or looks and gameplay from the sound of things. Makes one wonder if they thought Persona 4 Arena would be more lucrative, so they spent more on that. Also, Smash. I played the first Smash because I owned a 64, but I missed out COMPLETELY on the Cube so Melee was never really a thing with me. I didn’t come into Smash big time until Brawl, so I’m afraid I don’t know much of the things you’re saying here besides the good news that Smash 4 3DS looks good. I WOULD however really like to see a video on the top ten games that were broken by being ported to the Wii- if only because it might turn me on to some interesting if broken Wii games. Sooo that’s a possible idea for ya, if you want to.

    • GEL Says:

      XD Oh I want to. I love Nintendo, I love Motion Control, but the Wii was a console made of broken dreams. I think I already made the list once in a text file. I’ll cook it up again XD could be fun.

      Good to hear the combat is better than it first seems. A LOT of what he’s describing, actually, is the Lightning Returns combat system (which is actually pretty good). In that game you hold the attack button and it drains a stamina meter but you can also tap it (and block) for criticals with good timing. You also equipped specials to the face buttons and used the shoulders to switch classes/costumes. So…like that minus the separate battle screen. Could be fun actually.

      It *IS* nice that he showed SOMETHING though since the game has been in limbo for so long.

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