The Warriors Report – Hyrule Warriors

Because I’m just that much of a fanboy and because reviewing Warriors/Musou games traditionally can get a bit tricky, here’s a potentially new sub-series focusing on what makes each Warriors game unique, what makes them the same, and how they compare against eachother. Starting, of course, with Hyrule Warriors.

Short answer: It’s the superior stage design and Zelda-esque enemy A.I. that make this stand out more than the combat.

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5 Comments on “The Warriors Report – Hyrule Warriors”

  1. Baines Says:

    The level of scripting is about what I wanted to hear. I expect some scripting, but DW8 rendered the armies pointless. It sounds like your army at least matters a little, and aren’t just standing around to make it look like you aren’t fighting alone. (Even if the game still revolves around you, it is nice if Koei actually tries to make it look otherwise. Warriors games obviously have a man behind the curtain, but DW8 used a see-through curtain.)

    As for online co-op, I wanted to say that Koei did online co-op with Nintendo for Samurai Warriors 3 on the Wii. But thinking about it, I kind of want to recall that SW3’s online co-op was only for Murasame Castle mode? (I never bothered playing SW3 online, so I don’t know for certain.)

    • GEL Says:

      Yeah I think it was Murasame Castle only.

      I need to stress test SW4 harder. It looks like it may be anti-scripting incarnate…or it might not be? It’s a little weird so far. DEFINITELY different from what I’ve been playing. You have to commit more to your moves so the combat feels a little less visceral, but I THINK the strategy aspect may be improved thanks to Tag-A-Ports (which the new Oneechanbara has too…guess they’re the “in thing” in Japan now?).

  2. I’m a bit curious regarding the “unlock characters in Adventure Mode”. Do you mean that you don’t get to control characters as you play the stages they appear in? That’s how I interpreted it, that when you play a stage that introduces a character you get to play the stage as that character.

    Overall it sounds like a neat game, and I am over the moon for check points in mid-stage because DEAR LORD could that be infuriating in past Warriors games. It sounds like this game primarily gets the “fanservice” aspects right- like, enemies that are important being big and enemies that are not being small doesn’t sound like something that really affects gameplay so much as it affects your PERCEPTION of the game, but that and the prettier environments and the “signifiers” of Zelda like puzzles and items and boss battles where you wait until an enemy reveals their weak spot and strike for massive damage and what not, that all sounds like it’s what a fan would want- perhaps not a critic who’s mostly after something challenging, but a fan of the series would definitely approve- that kinda thing? Also yes, definitely hoping that the “rescue system” is kept- nothing more frustrating than protecting an AI who has 1 single HP left.

    ALSO I went and commented some on your last video, took me a while to get through because of the length and because I checked out a video interview with the director of Final Fantasy XV where he clarified some things. Not gonna say you were way off, but there were some things you said in that video that turned out to not be entirely on the mark, JSYK.

    • GEL Says:

      You do not get to control the characters until after you unlock them. The stages where you unlock them usually has them as the boss.

      I’ll go check out what you mean. I mean…I have a hard time getting excited for FFXV unless it has musical numbers (you’re gonna tell me they AREN’T a J-Rock group?!) but of course I’ll give it a rent when it hits…

      …Idea Factory still beat them though XD FFXIII. Just…it happened and it can’t un-happen.

  3. RegalSin Says:

    More or less what I expected…………….

    About Gohma? Gohma is a spider with one eye. The greatest moment was in OOT. About Warriors. I mean, if they had actually reached back in time and used their orginal ( comic Zelda artwork ) instead of fleshing out mindless little devils, it would have made more sense. Take away the fodder and your left with an empty field filled with nothing but Zelda rehash. I mean OMGsh giant boss enemies outside in the middle of nowhere. That is sooo auwsome…………nope it is not.

    Again looking back on ( Original ) Zelda artwork. The idea of Link being surrounded or over taken ( or enemy hack and slash ) is not new at all. Again Neo-Zelda ( Zelda post N64 ) is complete BS….that rymes with DS.

    I mean omgsh I should break out my wallet for another game with CGI and 3d characters. It is pointless to be honest. Another Zelda game nowadays.

    What is Miyamoto doing these days??? Last I heard Nintendo wanted him to shutup about his creation process?? That is right Nintendo upstairs did not like Miyamoto talking about his activities. Keep in mind; Miyamoto could never in his life play Super Mario 64 or any of his own games at all. He admits everybody is a better player then him.

    I mean why can’t we all just huddle together and make our own hack and slash game like whatever. Their is “Shining Wisdom” and “Alundra” and so many on the PSX/SAturn that attempted to over take ( or become ) the new Zelda.

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