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GwG – Sonic Boom – Part 3: NOPE!

November 19, 2014

ONE MORE session of Sonic Boom before I returned the blasted thing! I found the game this time though! I also found glitches!

GameMetabble – Sunset Overdue

November 19, 2014

And now an episode that took waaay too long to make:

Gaming with GEL – Pac-Man and the Ghostly Adventures 2

November 13, 2014

Hey! Let’s play another game based on a cartoon based on a game that bares no resemblance to the game the cartoon was based on…only this time it’s a sequel to a game I actually LIKED!

(Apologies for the fan in the background but the game room was getting toasty)

Verdict thus far? More of the same except a LOT more. Taking the gameplay and engine of the first game then expanding it with waaay more stage assets, new characters and powers, more stages, and more adventurous stage design. It certainly seems to have fixed the problem of the first game (i.e. getting too samey too fast). Couple that with a $40 pricetag and you know what? It’s a pretty decent purchase for fans of 3D platformers!

Gaming with GEL – Sonic Boom: Rise of Lyric

November 13, 2014

Hooboy…here we go. Managed to rent the WiiU version of Sonic Boom and…you know what? It’s not as bad as I expected…but…

I’m gonna try to do at least one more session but between this and watching someone else play I think I can safely say this game isn’t very good…but not for the reasons you think. It is NOT rushed, it is nowhere near as buggy as you think, it is actually quite polished and pretty well made. It’s not the over abundance of combat either…which I could almost use MORE of.

It’s the fact that it is EMPTY and the gameplay is segregated. Here’s a wide open hub world with NO sense of direction and NOTHING in it. Now we’re gonna split up the cast AGAIN and have everyone do some 2D platforming…with no enemies and no speed. Now lets solve a puzzle the characters are constantly shouting the answer to. Oh! Time to go fast in this special g0-fast area with no enemies! OH! NOW that you have made it to the Wide Open Room we’ll throw enemies at you with barebones basic combat that *WILL* make you miss the Werehog.

The game is just slow. I don’t mean “It’s not Sonic fast”, I mean it’s not Mario and Pac-Man fast. Not even Crash Bandicoot and Jak & Daxter fast. It’s a lot of empty space and “puzzle” solving. As such it is the most boring Sonic game this side of The Dark Brotherhood.

Gaming with GEL – Sonic Lost World

November 13, 2014

Oh egad I forgot to post this here? Man I’m lazy. Here’s me getting through  particularly irritating Sonic Lost World stage.