Gaming with GEL – Pac-Man and the Ghostly Adventures 2

Hey! Let’s play another game based on a cartoon based on a game that bares no resemblance to the game the cartoon was based on…only this time it’s a sequel to a game I actually LIKED!

(Apologies for the fan in the background but the game room was getting toasty)

Verdict thus far? More of the same except a LOT more. Taking the gameplay and engine of the first game then expanding it with waaay more stage assets, new characters and powers, more stages, and more adventurous stage design. It certainly seems to have fixed the problem of the first game (i.e. getting too samey too fast). Couple that with a $40 pricetag and you know what? It’s a pretty decent purchase for fans of 3D platformers!

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One Comment on “Gaming with GEL – Pac-Man and the Ghostly Adventures 2”

  1. Göran Isacson Says:

    So! I checked out both this and the Sonic Boom vids, and… wow. See I know about Sonic, seen some clips of the show and it looks alright, but then I look at the video you posted and just… went from clumsily railroaded sequence to clumsily railroaded sequence, dropped into this new Sonic Universe with zero preparation, entered empty platforming levels and long cutscenes and no maps that let you know where to actually go when you’re free roaming and the part where you split up and everyone just had these super-forced platforming sequences that are just so… so JOYLESS. I think that’s what struck me the most. Apart from the lines, there were some funny ones here and there, the game just felt so joyless. Like they were just leading you through obligatory tutorial sequences with characters that just would not shut up, only to then drop you in a hub with no context or clear direction. It looks kinda pretty and again, there seems to be some funny lines… but apart from that, you’d really wonder if ANYONE cared about the game.

    This though? This looks fun! This looks like it had joy put into it, like someone cared enough to make the stages varied and charming. Like… this is Pac-Man, a game I really had no expectations from, but I had to suffer through your Sonic Boom videos- I gladly sat down and watched a full hour of this, because it just looks fun! Starts you off quick after that intro cutscene, puts you in control, lets you fly around on a hoverboard and shoot ghosts (kinda makes you wonder why they don’t just leave the ghost invasion to Cyril, she seems WAY more efficient than Pac-Man who’s just running around eating individual ghosts)… for a world where all the characters are more or less round dots, I was not expecting to be so into it. Hell yeah I’d play this, possibly even buy it. I tested it on a games convention that played recently in Sweden, but I think I got dropped into an area that confused me a bit and I didn’t really know where to go or that the lovely chain-chomp move was even a thing you could do. But it still controlled well and I did find the magnet power-up neat. This really feels like a game more people should know about, if only by virtue of how much it just strikes me as solid, unpretentious platforming fun. A bit easy perhaps, but still pretty fun.

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