Gaming with GEL – Sonic Lost World

Oh egad I forgot to post this here? Man I’m lazy. Here’s me getting through  particularly irritating Sonic Lost World stage.

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One Comment on “Gaming with GEL – Sonic Lost World”

  1. Ophelia Says:

    While I don’t hate Sonic Adventure 2, I felt it was a step down from Sonic Adventure 1. It let its story get too much in how you play the game, which led to not a lot of variety in the stages, and it was much too serious.

    I had to use the warp wing in Lava Mountain Zone 2. It was that difficult. I decided to double back and complete it withot it, then get the S-Rank time.

    I was wondering if you’d have anything to say with Frozen Factory Zone 3’s pinball. Sonic Generations’s Casino Night Pinball managed to get some decent physics and flipper strength (and an interesting EM-style layout), but Frozen Factory Zome 3 screwed it up again with Sonic being very heavy and the flippers being weak.

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