GameMetabble – Sunset Overdue

And now an episode that took waaay too long to make:

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One Comment on “GameMetabble – Sunset Overdue”

  1. RegalSin Says:

    Your friendly neighborhood RegalSin….Yeah Sunset overview looks like a morph between SA2:Battle and such and Jetset Radio. Only difference is that it is not Sonic the Hedgehog, I could even include other things from other games but honestly it looks like a blast of mindless pointless fun.

    Fun I wish I could be having right now. You Gel this is just pure stupidity when we think about the awesomeness of the world. The game community are filled with non-computer savy people. It is real sad to think a five year old are playing these games while somebody who wouldn’t even pick up the controller is programming them.

    Without the animated look and feel and non Sonic this is Just another clone game. I mean wasn’t their another skater game as well with grinder and stuff on an kick starter??

    Don’t you ever say to yourself the same aesthetics could be applied to other games. They are trying so hard to be cool and not stuff.

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