GwG – Sonic Boom – Part 3: NOPE!

ONE MORE session of Sonic Boom before I returned the blasted thing! I found the game this time though! I also found glitches!

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3 Comments on “GwG – Sonic Boom – Part 3: NOPE!”

  1. I think I would like this to be a hallucination. I mean… I almost felt HYPNOTIZED by this footage. I usually do not sit through a solid hour of gameplay unless it has something interesting to it… and it didn’t- I jumped around like a jackrabbit of PC, because dear God.

    I think that what I like the least here is how I never got the feeling that the game was trying to set a scene. Like, take that Pacman game you made a video of. I didn’t see much of it, but I understand that we’re in some kind of Pacman city, and it’s being attacked by some evil ghost who wants to reclaim his body. This was explained in a expositiony cutscene, true, but I GET what that game is about. I get that we’re moving through a city, symbolized by walking between dots on a map and entering various places in the city.

    Here? Why do we meet Shadow? What is Sonic and Shadow’s history here? What is up with Eggman? What does he even want in this universe? Are we supposed to see the cartoon first, or is this not the same canon as the cartoon even? We’re thrown across time, into ancient ruins, meet new characters but none of it, NONE OF IT, feels like it sticks. None of it feels built up to or like we ever get a good sense for how it all sticks together. It feels like we’re literally just shoved down a rail of locales even though this looks like it’s ostensibly open-world, and nothing that we see is interesting. Just the same overgrown ruins. Pac-man game at least had some variety in it’s environments. And even though we were literally just going from linear stage to linear stage in that game, at least you got a sense of PROGRESSION in it. I am just looking at you going from place to place and I feel like I have NO idea if the thing we just did was important or if it made us go forward in the plot or if we’re just spinning our wheels…

    I don’t give a shit about Lyric, or Sonic, or anything in this game. I just feel like they’re just throwing us from situation to situation without us ever understanding why, and it is not a good feeling. This game does not give me a good feeling. I do not like it, and I’m gonna go back to playing Shovel Knight (finally got it over here in Europe, feeling real good right now compared to… this.)

  2. RegalSin Says:

    Sonic Boom is kinda sad because it was suppose to be this great thing from the west that Japanese people would not do. Instead of getting the hot cherry beat action from the SEGA CD game or the SATAM AKA SonicBoom or even Penders Comics creations or fandom we got some sorta CGI mess of a series.

    I like looney tunes as well as any other Broney out there. But seriously this is bs. Random people are making better Mario games and better Zelda games on their own free time yet we look forward to playing this bs everyday.

    Remember those good days of when Zelda and “Final Fantasy Adventure” as well as “Gargolyes Quest” was all the rage? Remember “Jaws” on the NES Gel? Remember when Knuckles knocked out Sonic out of Super-mode??

    The bottom-line Gel is that we aren’t going to get the game that we want at all and why should we care? Our money is in the toilet and we are basically no different then chimpanzees or construction workers. If any information we are the less amount of people to be doing anything at all

    Studying Biology still Gel? Seriously have you seen those labs?
    The kinda look in their eyes in the “sciences” departments? Even the Computer scicnes.. Gel we are like Bender and we party so much it is almost insane for us to move into that direction. But again that is my opinion of myself in terms of those things.

    Remember Jew Wario Gel, and Anime guy. The look in their eyes makes me think sometimes.

  3. Kim. Says:

    Sonic Boom, ahh, what can I say.

    First off I like the game, it’s a refreshing thing that I can play as someone who is not Sonic in a Sonic game. Secondly, the game feels incomplete, really incomplete like it was shipped out unfinished.

    Now, I don’t like to point fingers but I do feel that when people scream at Big Red Button they’re way off target. Instead, I fear the responsibility once again lies with SEGA and the fandom.

    First off SEGA. Sonic Boom is a multi franchise, it has a CGI cartoon, a game and a Comic. The game and comic is produced in two different part of the US and the cartoon in France of all places, thank you SEGA for making it spread out across the world. Having seen all three products I’ve reached the conclusion that not a single producer in the franchise has talked to the others to work out how it should all fit together nor has SEGA cared about their product beyond the cash it could generate.

    The Fandom. Hoo boy, from day one Sonic Boom was treated like an abomination on Earth, not a day went by without people picking everything apart in the most vocal degrading manner possibly, Stephen Fry, lead of the project had to leave the Sega Forums after getting death threats from fans over the changes in the game.

    At some point, the complaints focused on the lack of speed in the game, sure, a Sonic game without speed is weird, yet, I feel that this is the point where it all went wrong thanks to a need to carter to the fandom.

    See, looking at the Sonic Boom: Rise of Lyric I have and the early trailers and early screen shots it looks like the entire game world have been redone from the ground up to include boost pads and speed sections. If my hunch is true, it would also explain why the game looks so rushed and incomplete, everything that had already been programmed in would have to removed and re-added into the new hub and game worlds.

    I’ve heard it described as an odd fusion of Jak and Daxter , Sonic Heroes and Unleashed and it’s true. The gameplay clashes a lot in its finished state to the point where I’m left unsure of what to do when facing a shift from a pure speed style to the main semi speed/exploration style.

    Personally, I enjoyed the game, it’s not the best Sonic game out there but I really have a hard time see why everyone is melting down over it all the time.

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