GameMetabble – FitePad, Xrd, and XBone Interface Botches

WOW. It has been a WHILE since I last posted! Sorry folks, overly political thoughts tend to cause me to freeze up (that and getting crazy sick for over a week). Maybe I’ll post about them sometime. Either way here’s a decidedly non-political video about Guilty Gear Xrd, Smash Bros. fight pads, and just how damn terrible the XBone interface is because it really is the worst.

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5 Comments on “GameMetabble – FitePad, Xrd, and XBone Interface Botches”

  1. Welcome back GEL, nice to know you’re not dead… morbid as that sounds.

    Glad to hear GGXrd is good- won’t be here in Europe until next year so we on the other side of the pond simply have to sit and wait for the goodness to come our way. A few questions though- what do you mean when you say Ramlethal can do “3D combo change”, and “beat the game before you beat story mode”? Do you mean “get everyones arcade ending” before the story? Also, since you’ve apparently heard the english voice work… who voices Faust, and do they do a good job? I’m not even playing here man, Faust is my absolute favorite Guilty Gear char and I want my man done right. Really interested if he gets to partake in this new brighter storyline too or play an important role again, since the happiest ending he’s had so far in any game is basically “is forever alone and always working to save lives in a hollow attempt to ease the guilt of all the murdering he did during his psychotic break”.

    Can’t say I like what I hear from Disney Infinity- I’ma presume that Skylanders don’t have those restrictive limitations on when you can and can’t use a figure? I guess I can see the angle though, “Kids just want to buy a few chars they love and then play all the time with them? FUCK THAT MAKE THEM BUY ALL THE FIGURES OR THEIR WORLDS ARE USELESS, DISNEY SHALL HAVE ALL OF THE MONEY”, but that doesn’t exactly make me more keen on buying what is apparently a product that is in desperate need of Q & A.

    And now for the most interesting part of the video… the hype crash. I too have noticed it. And I will admit- I haven’t followed big budget releases in a long while. Hell, I’ve never even PLAYED Assassin’s Creed, ANY game! I can’t say anything about those games from the viewpoint of someone who has played them and can say whether or not they deserved to be forgotten, but haven’t there been an overall pattern where people are just let down by games? I didn’t see Watch_Dogs get that many 8 or higher from Swedish magasines, and the biggest magazine in Sweden slapped Unity with a 6/10 And even in other countries, it doesn’t seem to be getting people THAT crazy.

    Alien Isolation and Shadows of Mordor are on the other hand titles that HAVE gotten some real good press… but maybe Isolation still carries the stink of Colonial Marines, and even if reviewers are calling Shadows of Mordor the game that out-Arkhams the Arkham Batman games… are people really that hungry for Tolkien products who aren’t related to the Hobbit? Or ANY of the characters from the story they actually know and love? I’m just saying there might be a reason the reviews alone aren’t good enough… especially when there’s SO MANY of them that I don’t think people have the time to buy them all.

    (Also quick aside- is Sunset Overdrive the first AAA-game you like AT ALL, the first AAA-game you’ve liked for THIS GENERATION ooor just the first AAA-game you’ve liked for the X1? Always important things, those distinctions)

    Also, I’m going to presume that when you go on your side-rant on how there aren’t any interesting games out for the new generation or any particular incentives for people to really love on PS4, you mean “there aren’t that many console-unique games”? Because while you would be right about that, isn’t, oh, I dunno know, the whole first half of your video a pretty freaking prime example of why someone would prefer to buy a PS4 and then play the PS4-version of a multiple platform release and NOT suffer the X1’s horrible interface? I mean MAN- one button press sends you back and forth through menus like five times? That is just… eugh. I can imagine buying PS4 just to play Alien Isolation, Dragon Age Inquisition, Dynasty Warriors 8, Shadows of Mordor, latest Call of Duty if you’re so inclined nd all the indie games Sony is courting from indie developers who Microsoft seem intent to piss off whenever they can by being generally unfriendly and unprofitable for, just to have the peace of mind that you won’t have to deal with X1 being… well, X1.

    Besides, there’s the Infamous game, Bloodborne when that comes out which seems to be soon, Destiny if you are FPS-inclined… like, I get that the oncoming wave of JRPGs are a big draw for guys like you and me and those names aren’t really enormous or indicating that oh no, the PS4 is DROWNING in quality, but let’s not act like there’s not ANYTHING for people on PS4.

    Though you do have a point, wondering why Omega Quintet and such games aren’t coming for WiiU. My guess is that they made their bucks on the Sony fanbase, and now they want to stick to the Sony platforms which seem to sell better than the WiiU. And maybe it’s a case of that good old “eh, the only games that sell on Nintendo consoles are Nintendo games”-think making people hesitant to go there. Besides, the PS3 is probably in that “late bloomer” stage where a bunch of people is familiar with it, know that there’s an audience there and as such they go to that console with their smaller games because that’s the wisest place to go to guarantee profits for your weird niche game that ISN’T the 3DS.

    Though that kinda brings me to another point- have you heard the news? Steam is rising- One Piece Warriors 3, Fairy Fencer F, the remade Neptunia games (at least 1 and 2) are getting Steam-releases. It seems like them budget titles are, one by one, finding out where you want to go if you want a slice of the western PC market. I really do wonder where this will end, and what if any it might mean for Sony and Nintendo.

    Also, loose buncha final questions- any thoughts on console exclusive Street Fighter V, Ultra SFIV and it’s Omega mode, Dead or Alive 5 Last Round (maybe that’s a game for the PS4 you’ll eventually buy?) aaaand finally- what’s your Smash main? I’d tell you mine, but I don’t own it yet. I am dirt poor and Smash-less. Tell me the tales of Smash GEL. Tell me what it’s like in the wealthy nation of America, where honey flows down the streets and WiiU’s run hot with mascots beating the crap out of each other.

    • Oh, and because I only just now noticed how godforsakenly late it is over here and what date it is… merry Christmas!

      • GEL Says:

        Okay! From the top!
        Story Mode happens after the endings for everyone. You don’t NEED to beat it with everyone but I’d beat it with SOMEONE at least.
        Ramlethal has combo strings. Like Punch-Punch-Punch and Punch-Punch-Kick doing different moves instead of the same move over and over again, like a 3D fighter character. It’s neat and kinda weird.
        Faust? I think his dub is good and you will be happy, he plays a SIZEABLE role in the story and sets up the next game’s plot. It’s actually neat seeing him as a semi-serious character (though his crowning moment of awesome is quite silly). I agree, Faust rocks…and Fanny needs to come back! (fun sidenote: Fanny is in the in-game dictionary but her name is censored if you type it! XD)

        Disney Infinity! The biggest issue is that certain characters have NO playset so there is no premade thing to play with them in. This includes Jack Skellington, the Wreck-It Ralph crew, and the Frozen crew. They have no playset. And yeah, Skylanders has no restrictions. It tells you “characters of this element are stronger here” or “you need a character of this element to open a door to a bonus room” but that’s it. Skylanders and Disney Infinity, admittedly, are very different games. I *really* should do that episode on toy games explaining their similarities and differences. I’ll add it to the list of things I really should do bt will get to lazy on! XD

        Sunset Overdrive is the first AAA game on XBone I like and the first one I’ve enjoyed in a long while. I liked Mass Effect 1 and was okay with 2 and I guess 3. Beyond that I can’t think of any AAA games I’ve been interested in.

        You are right though on the PS4! If I had any interest in the multiplatform games that aren’t on PS3, that would indeed be a good reason to own it. My issue is just that I don’t care about any of the multiplatform games except Dynasty Warriors and Guilty Gear which I can get on PS3. BUT! That changes in February/March!

        The Moe games coming to Steam is weird but it DOES make me happy because I don’t like playing Vita and I wanna play the remake of 1 and 2. Especially because RED IS BACK! OMG! Red is my favorite character after Peashy/Yellow Heart! Red X Yellow Heart OTP! (Hey they made a lot of games on the TurboGrafX!) I wonder if she has a Bujingai move! XD

        Me and Street Fighter have a weird relationship. My interest in V is based entirely on who they put in the game and possibly if it’s not made by Dimps. DOA5 The Last Round already got it’s own episode…and I will probably own it on everything! XD Since I just ordered my Metal Slime PS4 and I have the most DLC on PS3, I will be going PS4 for my main console on that. It’ll be interesting though because I intend to at least own the Free To Play version on PS3 so I can play with my PS3 friends. Wonder how that will affect the data…

        No interest in Ultra SF4 and Omega Mode. After SFxT I’m just…SF4’d out. I don’t care anymore even WITH Elena and Poison. If I wanna play them I’ll pop in SFxT. It’s a broken mess, but more interesting to me.

        XD My Smash main is ROB. I wanted to use Palutena and Wii Fit Trainer but they are hard to use, ESPECIALLY Palutena who is entirely counter-based! I look forward to the return on Mewtwo (the reason I bought a Gamecube was because Mewtwo was in Melee) and occasionally dabble with Peach and Rosalina. But mostly ROB…and the occasional Game & Watch. ROB was my Brawl main because that game was a slippery mess so I HAD to play a slow character. Can’t wait to get a ROB Amiibo. I’m almost tempted to try and get two so I can extract the chip and put it in my real ROB…but I worry I might break it XO

        Oh and to Baines, yeah I strongly dislike PC gaming but everyone is indeed moving to PC. May as well. I…well I think I have a rant on this for later. I will say my Game Of The Year is a PC game: Freedom Planet.

        And indeed! Merry Christmas to all!

    • Baines Says:

      I don’t recall Gel being much interested in PC gaming, but you could buy those multiplatform games for PC and avoid the issues of both the Xbox One and the PS4. Indeed, the PC version can often be the better version, though there are publishers that do lazy PC ports.

      I’ve been moving to PC gaming in the last few years because (barring a collapse of Steam) a feeling of security there. In general, you don’t have to worry about backwards compatibility or maintaining multiple systems, the way you might have to do if you still find older console games interesting enough to keep playing.

      I haven’t seen reason to buy a PS4 or Xbox One, not when I can buy most of the multiplatform releases on PC and I don’t care excessively about the exclusives. (I do own a Wii U because it does have exclusives that I care about.)

      There are of course some issues with PC gaming. Publishers still can treat it as a second class citizen, not as badly as they treat Nintendo consoles, but not as important as Sony or Microsoft’s systems. You can get lazy console ports (which can negate some of the performance benefits of PC over console). You can get delayed ports. Ubisoft exists. Publishers can lose interest if they don’t see the sales that they desire, which can often enough happen because the publisher is half-assing their PC production with late ports, lazy ports, and/or no support. (Hi, Arc System Works. It is nice that you are porting BlazBlue games now. It would be nicer if you ported them before they were 3-5 years and one or more sequels out of date.)

      Fighting games also face the issue of a smaller pool of online players. Though publishers have started viewing the PC as a viable target for getting a bit more money out of their fighting games. Capcom’s has had pretty good support for the various incarnations of Street Fighter 4, even if PC releases do often see a few months of delay versus console. SNK at least outsourced porting KOF98UMFE after porting KOFXIII itself. (SNK underestimated issues faced in porting to PC with KOFXIII. Unfortunately, KOF98 has taken some fire as well because the outsourced dev studio based it on the XBLA version that lacks many features that were present in the PS2 version of 98UM. So I’m not sure how well that will turn out for SNK, and fear that they might start rethinking PC ports again.) Namco is at least entertaining the idea of a PC release of Tekken 7. DOA5LR sees release next year. Skullgirls was made for PC.

      And though it is dying out a bit for various reasons, PC has the advantage of mods. Sometimes major, often minor, but nice when it exists. Even if your online opponent can’t see your SF4 Cammy dressed as KOF’s Leona, you can…

  2. RegalSin Says:

    Videogames was great. They were designed to be TV toys. However due to political bs and strains of consumer affairs. Videogames turned into an horror show. It is like that episode of South Park ( oh how we could quote that animated cartoon ) about how their was an war on X-mas. So the school play turned into batch rubbish.

    Nowadays they do not want any adult content unless it is downloadable which seems to be prolific in Japan. Everything inside the stores is family crap with a few lame idols that are not worth mentioning. To be honest videogames itself looks like garbage. I can still look at my Gameboy and feel a type of zen towards it. Even my SNES, SFC, or Genesis. Even an PCE or Famicom itself. The design is pure sex. That is how things was.

    To make things worst Gel. While we could have everything digital they pretty much turned the internet into highway patrol. That being said the internet is pretty much dead. It is just godless because buying game support the same dickless scumbags who hinders our lives. It would be better off if we were politicians.

    Things back then were puuurreee sexxx. Back when we were not born or little kids traveling around with our sex hungry parents who graduated from High school and took easy trained jobs. If not our parents who got associates in one year and took jobs.

    That is how funny things were. It was pureee sex when we were born uptil 2001. Then everything got turned into anti-X-mas and anti everything..

    About PC???? PC is for adults. That is all I can say. I am an big grown person and my generation ( as with yours Gel ) is wain. I go outside and start hanging with young folks ( even in my age group ) they either 1. Think I am an jock type, 2. Think I am an bad person 3. Think that I am older then farts. PC has and always will be for adults Gel and because of our miscommings Gel our gameverse is dying.

    The only real adults out their who is doing anything are the fem-nazi’s ( neo-womanists ) out their who basically are attacking everyone and everything in sight. Trying to get attention. Basically creating more red-runners ( Logans Run ) and passive aggressive people ( shooters ). That is the reality of the sad sad situation with our world Gel. We failed to become men and slay the beasts. That is how I feel Gel.

    Last year ( and the year before that I keep saying I am going to do this and that ) I started and stop. I hate being surrounded by beggars and myself being around them as well. It is retarded.

    On to bigger problems with computer gaming. The anti-privacy laws that prevents ( mostly men ) from enjoying the internet. Why do you think we pay over $100 a month for high-speed service? To watch a fat lady pretend that she is five?? No. To play imaginary rentals from netflix?? No. To DLC everything we have including characters??? No. Anti-privacy and again Anti-privacy laws Computer gaming looks like garbage.

    No more we can walk into an store and just purchase materials anymore. In fact without the Video industry and the music CD/Record industry it seems like more of an sham to even go into any store at all and purchase anything of value whatsoever.

    To make things worst. While I am not against the internet the mere fact is that our products are not what they were anymore.

    It just seems to get worst and worst each and every year.


    About peripherals Gel. I am an adult. I want to have an room dedicated with giant car controller unit; just like GTX ( midnight club ) or whatever that car game for the PS2 was. I want that big thing and the things they use in the military ( the tank simulator ) or in an boating school ( boat simulator ) gel. Even in the training of train conductors ( train simulator ). Speaking of F-16 and Hoover crafts they had those advertised a long time ago. You could have an airplane controls in your living room.

    Things like that come and go Gel. They are nice toys and cheap versions of the real deal. Remember all the stuff for the ( game systems we all knew and still love till this day ?? ). Need missile training?? Got super scope??

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