GameMetabble – Merry Christmas and a Happy 2015!

Yeeeah this was a bit delayed by a week thanks to Awesome Games Done Quick and Oneechanbara. Ah well, Merry Christmas/Holidays/2015!

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6 Comments on “GameMetabble – Merry Christmas and a Happy 2015!”

  1. Göran Isacson Says:

    Question- was Iron Galaxy the company who made that Darkstalkers Resurrection port as well? This is the first I hear about these porting troubles, though that might have to do with there being very little buzz about Darkstalkers and the Dungeons and Dragons beat em ups to begin with.

    At any rate, looks like you had a pretty sweet Christmas haul! I got a PS4 controller (to use as gamepad for my PC), Hyrule Warriors and Bayonetta 2. I’ve yet to bite into Bayo 2, because my brother and I have been cleaning out Hyrule Warriors so far and we haven’t even bought any of the DLC yet. Which I kind of regret because now I’m seeing that the next update is going to make the game a fair bit smoother:
    Also out of curiosity, have you gotten any of HW’s DLC so far? Because Tingle man- can you deny the tingle for Tingle? Or maybe you’re not a big Zelda guy to begin with and none of the DLC is up your alley, in which case we’ll simply drop the subject.

    And so far I think it’s a pretty weird game in that I don’t think I’d be having nearly as much fun with it if I wasn’t playing it with my brother. In co-op the stages seldom last more than 10-15 minutes, and I think that’s about as long as I can handle the Warriors-games playstyle. I’m not saying Warriors games lack depth, the characters do have variety and if you want to get good scores you have to explore their movesets and learn what works best for crowd control, what works best for single enemy damage and cutting down weak point meters etc. But at the same time I think that this kinda gameplay isn’t really for me- as one who’s cut his teeth on DMC and Bayonetta and Megaman games, games in which learning the ENEMIES movesets and pattern are just as important as learning your own, Warriors games just can’t quite match up. Just rolling away when an enemy does their weak point revealing attack and nailing them when they show up isn’t really cutting it for me. It’s a little TOO skinner box-y. I’m not denying there’s something almost hypnotic, seductive almost, about getting a new skin for the weapons which increase the numbers of the weapon so you can do more damage numbers and reap more KO numbers and just lie back and see all those numbers go up and up and up… but I can’t really say I feel like there’s actual WORTH in it either. My older brother’s of a different opinion- he’s not at ALL into 3D character action games, there’s too many variables to keep check on (It should be mentioned he really never made the transition to 3D platforming and action at all) but these kind of games are just the right level of challenge and complexity for him- I’ve slowly watched him learn rolling around to dodge enemies and expose their weak points, but he still has trouble whenever multiple enemies show up (and you better believe that the frame rate on some stages going to ASS when you play co-op does not help). So it’s at least fun to see him have fun.

    It’s also stuff like that which makes me just a liiiiittle skeptical when I hear that Onee-chanbara is better than Bayonetta when you in the same breath mention the enemies are stupid as, well, zombies. I don’t think I can REALLY get down with a game where the enemies are that much of a non-issue, even if some parts of it sound interesting. I’ll probably check out the Let’s Play when I’ve some spare time, see what it looks like even if I don’t speak a lick of japanese. There were at least some interesting things in what I saw here, like how the homing dash all around and character switching reminds me a little bit of From Softwares sadly overlooked Otogi games. You dashed all over the place in that game, though you could also demolish environments in ways I’ve yet to see a game try on so Otogi still has that over many modern games. The ability to switch between 4 different characters with 2 different weapons each sounds pretty interesting, especially pulling out all of them simultaneously to lay waste to a foes health bar- one wonders if that feature was possible on PS3, or if all that quick switching between chars and weapons could only be done through the power of the PS4. It would be impressive if Oneechanbara of all games became one of the first action games to use the consoles extra power for features that actually add to the gameplay. Though I am curious how different the characters are from each other- they at least LOOK pretty similar, when I see the game I can’t say I see much visual differences between the combos other than “sword-ladies hit-boxes are very broad, fist-girls hit-boxes seem way narrower”. But still, claiming a game is better than Bayonetta has to have SOME merit in them, because them’s not words you throw around lightly.

    Don’t got much else to say about the puzzle games since I’m not much of a puzzler, but I did find it kind of funny that you say the designs of Dengeki Bunko aren’t 80’s-90’s anime enough, but then pick as your mains the BLANDEST possible designs character-wise. Like I get that the concept of a fighting basketball team is pretty novel and all but like, I take one look at the roster and from what I see the basketball girls are the most 00’s CG blank/bland-faced moe-waifu designs of 00’s CG blank/bland-faced moe-waifu designs imaginable. It comes out kinda funny, is all.

    • GEL Says:

      OH WOW! I forgot to respond to this?! XD Sorry about that. Oh yeah I agree, Ro-Kyu-Bu is indeed crazy bland. It is ALL in the playstyle that they become fun.

      Iron Galaxy did indeed to Darkstalkers Resurrection. Lillith’s Gloomy Puppet Show is completely unuseable among other issues. Their D&Ds weren’t SO bad. I mean if you use the filter you don’t notice the problem at all.

      As for Oneechanbara? XD Yeah like I said it’s a “to me” thing. I fully see why Bayonetta is a better game because it actually requires you to USE your skills on semi-intelligent and challenging enemies. Oneechanbara is instead all about showboating. TECHNICALLY it’s inferior, BUT I’m having more FUN with it because of the “OMG! I CAN’T BELIEVE THE GAME IS LETTING ME DO THAT!” factor.

      The character differences are weird because Tamsoft never throws anything away. Like even though they took out the grappling from the game, the grapple animations are still in there. Thus character quality is kinda based on their legacy:

      Aya was the original lead and trendsetter. Saki was a boss turned player character who initially only had one moveset (sword). She got her fists in the Wii game. Kagura and Sayaa were introduced to replace Aya and Saki and as such are both similar and superior so NOW Aya and Saki need to gain some greater differences of their own to compete. Saki’s new fist focus is a start but her counters do nothing and Aya, initially the most impressive moveset, is now the least.

      As much as I love it, it’s still a weird budget game at it’s core. Good news? SOME Oneechanbara game is coming to America courtesy of XSEED! Fuck yeah!

      …and yeah I can 100% understand not liking Dynasty Warriors if it ain’t co-op XD

  2. ronin Says:

    Happy delayed new year to you too =), and all the best for incoming time :D. Also yeah Onechambara is and possibly will always be really fun (addicting, engaging, awesime etc) stuff :D (not to mention about the bananas an strawberries :DDD)

    By the way reading about this and seeing what kept you busy I remember about a certain game you reviewed once but title is thing I cant remember, Im sure you can save me another headache due to this, what was that game which featured street racing (perhaps like tokyo highway battle) and dating sim? I think it was really bad, but you know I wanted to check something about it ^^, so please refresh my bad memory!

    PS Hopefully we will talk due Reiko’s day ^_^

    • GEL Says:

      Oh YOU! Indeed indeed! Closest I can think of for Racing/Dating Sim was OutRun 2 which is a really good game.

      • ronin Says:

        Nice to see you are still around here GEL =). Ah yes Outrun2 is a good game the one I was thinking about was bad (ps1 era who knows), I never tried it, only read your review and even remember partially your words “I can imagine the meeting for deciding what game to make ‘we have this dating sim half done and we want to make a racing game, boys like racing and girls, lets make a whole game from all this stuff :D'” something like that xD, well I will continue searching your archives and waiting for Reiko’s day even though last RR installment was like unfinished game only completed after buying like a lot of DLCs for… everything!! from music tracks to actual cars, tracks etc I was amazed Reiko was not an actual DLC too xD

  3. RegalSin Says:

    Addicting? Umpossible? I just see cheap thrills and hairless bodies.
    That is all. Nothing at all actually interesting to look at. Just like Gal Gun without that “fetish” ( becuase that is what it is ). These games would probably be another run and gun.

    Oh I know the question. Why don’t we make our own game. I know why? Because we are too stupid to? The way I see it is that they are throwing as much cheap thrills at people avoiding doing what we always wanted to do.

    Speaking of horrors Gel. It is Tax time again. They whomped money from us for hoarding an adult without insurance. -200 and next year -1000 Gel. Of course just for being left alone Gel.

    I hate it Gel, how we have these graphics but we can’t even fully enjoy anything in the world. The Games are great to look at and play??? But the materials keep on getting cheaper. I mean Disc are better materials then data storage and the technology is far greater ahead but the anti-privacy, taxation for the right of being left alone, and the. Can’t even hide your money like our parents could do in the past ( past bieng the 1990’s ) INCLUDING Bit-coins and Dog-coins ). I mean it is just horrible Gel, of what is going on in the background of our world. A person probably have to declare themselves homeless just to get by; or even have an trustee to take full control over their business and assets that will not stab them in the back ( Ceaser-Poe ).

    What is stopping me or you Gel is a couple of dollars don’t you agree? Anyways Gel their are all kinds of people out their. You was talking about the chocolate women??? Their are tons of girls who need rescuing Gel.

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