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GameMetabble – The Last Clusterfuck

February 22, 2015

Another new DOA release, another cavalcade of problems:

This actually DID get me thinking after a friend gave me shit about it: Why DO I apologize so profusely for companies (see also: my Transformers: Cybertron Adventures review)? I think it’s because they’re made of so many people. I will tear an individual apart for being a shithead, but a company has multiple people. Some of these people are shitheads, some mean very well and it’s important to think about WHY something happens. Sometimes stuff is just out of their control and NDAs can be a bitch.

Yes I am a KoeiTecmo shill. You’re still not getting my $93…in one chunk anyway.


“WARNING (1/3): DOA5 Last Round (All platforms). Please DO NOT play Tutorial Mode Lesson 40.8 and 40.9 with German, Spanish, French, Italian. We confirmed that the game crashes & make us save data corrupted. (3/3): We can’t apologize enough for this and try to fix it ASAP. #DOA5LR (end.)” -Team Ninja Twitter

…right so I’ll just add that to the pile. Okay, seriously, do you guys even playtesters?

GameBabble – Rail Shooters and Why I Love ‘Em!

February 11, 2015

LET’S GET STARTED! Rail Shooters are GO!

You can find the Rail Shooter Archive episodes here!

(and on the YouTube channel of course)

GameMetabble – Rail Shooters Incoming!

February 1, 2015

Brace for impact folks, it’s time to start The Rail Shooter Archive!