GameMetabble – Rail Shooters Incoming!

Brace for impact folks, it’s time to start The Rail Shooter Archive!

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6 Comments on “GameMetabble – Rail Shooters Incoming!”

  1. Sleepy Says:

    This is a really exciting looking project, can’t wait to see that archive grow. I’ve got a few rail shooters I can recommend that aren’t already on your archive.

    Omega Boost | (PS1)
    Liberation Maiden | (3DS)
    Wild Guns | (SNES)
    Attack Animal Gakuen | (NES)
    The Punisher | (NES)
    Nam 1975 | (Neo Geo)
    Cabal | (Arcade & NES)
    The Great Battle V | (SNES)
    Horizon Riders | (Wiiware)
    Futuridium EP Deluxe | (PS4, PSVita, PC, iOS)
    Master Burner | (PC Doujin Game)
    LEUCISTIC WYVERN | (Xbox 360 Indie Games)
    Neural Gear | (Sharp X68000)
    Gunners Heart | (PC Doujin)
    Nano Assault EX | (3DS) – This one’s a twin stick shooter but it also has rail-shooter stages in it.

    Hope this helps :D

    • GEL Says:

      Thanks! Yeah I’m not counting Cabal-esque games (lack of forward travel) though wow that’s quite a list of them and believe it or not Omega Boost and Liberation Maiden aren’t on rails (though they are really good and have the “feel” of one. Trust me, a LOT of folks mention Omega Boost).

      Surprised I forgot Horizon Riders as I did just capture footage of it. I KNEW I was forgetting SOMETHING with Attack Animal Gakuen! And I didn’t know about Futuridium. Lemme try that.

      • Sleepy Says:

        Just saw this game called Star Horizon while browsing the Steam Greenlight page. Another one for the archive.

      • GEL Says:

        QUITE! Good job Sleepy! I put in my vote, an entry for it, and bugged all my friends to greenlight it too! XD

      • Sleepy Says:

        Got a few more for ya:

        Major Mayhem | (PC & Mobile) – This one’s pretty Cabal-esque, but there is plenty of forward travel.
        Star Wars: Flight of the Falcon | (GBA)
        Red Alarm | (Virtual Boy)
        Angry Birds Transformers | (Mobile)
        ARC Squadron: Redux | (Mobile)
        HERA The goddess of ruin | (Mobile)
        Dark Break | (Mobile)

        Hey Gel, is it OK if I add you on steam?

  2. RegalSin Says:

    I do not agree with the term “Rail Shooter”. A shooter is just an shooter no matter what you do. Nice to give notice to “shooters” in general; but the only time a game ( at least I know of ) was on an RAIL and I MEAN A RAIL was pokemon snap. That was an real shooter exprience. Only thing else I could think of that was on an Rail was that one moment in the N64 Evangelion.

    Just call em shooters please lets not divide. I already call Action/Adventure/ JRPG and then their is comic adventures being called point and click games it gets too insane.

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