GameMetabble – Xenoverse Bans Rivercity Costume Empire?

Dragonball Xenoverse! Dynasty Warriors 8 Empires! The DOA5 Costume Softban and…a mystery trailer out of nowhere!

Also forgot to mention: Xenoverse Male Custom Voice 8 is Ghost Nappa. Seriously.

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2 Comments on “GameMetabble – Xenoverse Bans Rivercity Costume Empire?”

  1. RegalSin Says:

    You know what Gelster. This is the bullcrap that we as game/computer people have to deal with.

    First it was the “internet porn” scandal AKA Jhon Edwards bs AKA Americas Most Wanted Star Killer came foward AKA new anti-privacy laws that has nothing to do with prevention of what they abused the patriot act for Gel.

    Then it was how their are not enough girls in game-verse. Even Assembler-games ( that is right ( like in Planet of the apes the head witch human says BOOWW you head!!! ) ) is bowing his friend dick to some witch. That is the bigger problem Gel. Some dumb untc who barely respect videogames is sticking her vag into the faces of our world. Because their is not much left for these idiot-witches to go after anymore. As with Violent in you know what; I bet somewhere down the grape vine of DOA their is an problem. You know what the biggest problem is?

    We need to boycott these bastards Gel. We have to stop them

    It is so sad and dumbfoundingly unhappy for any of us who can remember how sweet life was back in 2004 or 2008 ( for an American at least ). Gel how submissive and horrible our world is becoming Gel. Ever seen the movie about the white man who woke one day and found out he was black? Then when he tried to go into the yacht club.

    Is the bann in Japan too Gel? Guess what Remember back then when had Pokemon and they released the comic??? They edited out Jessies Bust, and changed misty around. The dickless American piss does no Justice at all Gel. You think the editing ends their Gel? No it does not. Dinocity ( remember that film ) the game ( one of my first SNES games ) was actually edited the one girl enemies character. It is like they defaced artwork. I mean seriously Gel that is how craptastic everything is in the west period.

    I am trying to get over things Gel like that. These abominations will not stop and will not rest until they burn our books, and rob us of everything. They do not care who lives or dies, they do not care about happiness. All they care about is suckering some Math major or wealthy guy into marrying them so they can have their imaginary lifestyle ( before he gets bored of her rubbish ). You have a nice gal-pal or whatever and turns out eventually she goes A-wall. And to make things worst they have girls who are just like that.

    First they mess around with the cool guy, then it is the muscular guy and finally it is the guy who can pay the bills. It is sad to live in this gentile world and deal with this rubbish. Government even attempt to banned per-arranged marriages ( which made life easier back then ). It is sad Gel. To make things worst we are feeding these monsters.

    Have you gone down to the …….Okay let me stop my anti rant.

    These people need to be stopped like Soylent Greens are people Gel. The horror. You and the rest of everybody should be horrified by all of this as with the Gal Gun syndrome. To hell with these witches Gel. I mean how many of them are their???

    In fact I bet it could be an group of supremacist non-heterosexual men who are JJJeellllooussss because their are no costumes or skins for male characters at all. I mean seriously Gel what is this world coming to.

    Make me think about that episode in Robocop when rubbish like this comes about. The episode where the Chairman had rouge femongers attack his car and then hold him hostage and do all kinds of messed up stuff to him. Seriously what is this world comming to when these abominations try and rob of us of the smallest happiness.

    Ghostnappa ( would be the greatest animation on tv right now ). They probably put that crap in their because they removed all that stuff mentioned.

    IS THEIR AN WAY TO SECURE THIS MATERIAL GEL. PSO can play on unofficial servers gel. They removed a cartwheel, and removed Metroid stage????

    Boycott Bandai Namco or something Gel. Horrible Gel just horrible.

  2. Baines Says:

    Expect more hate from the PC crowd to be coming in over Dead or Alive 5 Last Round.

    Tecmo finally released the PC specs. After promising “the best experience possible,” Tecmo did the same thing that Koei did with Dynasty Warriors, releasing a Frankenstein’s monster patch job that is midway the PS3 and PS4 versions.

    PS3 particle effects, no Soft Engine, no PS4/Xbox One extra stages, … Supports 4k resolution, but that’s trivial for PC ports. Still launching without online. System specs are rather high for a port of that quality, which is causing people to suspect it will be an unoptimized port as well.

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