As You Know I Am Pro: Weird Observations on Black Women in Videogames

So recently I noticed a spike in hits on my article “Lisa and Japan’s Skintone Threshold”. Come to find out the source of this spike was a thread on NeoGAF and a series of Facebook posts from our dear friend Tomonobu Itagaki, ex-head of Team Ninja.



This is a CRIME against the entire world.

Who on earth is she?
Who the hell forced our beloved Lisa to change her skin color?



If they have any love and respect to the characters, I never order anything .
Certainly, Lisa is a virtual woman who is in everyone’s mind. But the changing her race, it is blasphemy to humanity. So I’m talking about this matter with you guys.

In addition, there is another matter that I never forgive.
They pointlessly forced the heroines to get old. According to my analysis, the failure of DOAD caused it. Kasumi, Ayane had to get old by their crappy fault.

Morons who don’t know the entertainment always bring fatal disaster.
That’s why I hate moron developers.


I assure that it’s not matter of lighting issue.
This criminal pic was rendered by OBVIOUS DISCRIMINATORY
intention. As u know im pro.”

Alright, first of all, Lisa looks nothing like that in-game. Secondly, why are you complaining about DOA5 now?! This, of course, isn’t the first time Itagaki has done that. In recent interviews he complained about the new Team Ninja ruining his game and made other critical tweets on it.

The thing is, how they “ruined” DOA5 was by turning it into a deep legitimate fighting game and not a mindless button masher. As for his other complaint? That would be the 3 year time skip between DOA4 and DOA5 which he sees as “pointless”. The reason for the time skip? Oh, right. Kasumi and Ayane were SIXTEEN in all previous DOAs (which was why their age was changed to N/A in America). That’s right, Marie Rose is actually older than Ayane and Kasumi when they were first introduced.

To make a long story short, Itagaki is just trolling. This is nothing new. Remember his infamous crusade aginst Tekken? Well apparently he’s good buddies with the Tekken team. This is just Itagaki’s way of stirring up controversy because that is what he does and why we love him.


However, I do want to comment on this because the NeoGAF thread on this topic is an embarassment. Even though the game has been out for years, has a Free To Play version, and there are hundreds of thousands of pictures of Lisa out there, a depressing amount of the thread actually thinks the image Itagaki posted is actually from the game. It’s not. It is from a very rarely seen promotional render (I actively LOOKED for it and never found it!).

If you had ever played the game you would know that while Lisa is a bit more pale than in some installments, she is far from “whitewashed”. Indeed, lighting has a huge effect on skintone which was what caused my initial article. Remember, I wrote that pre-release due to concern about Lisa’s skin color because of past examples. Post-release, while I think she could use a bit of a tan, it is nowhere near as bad as what happened to Vanessa or even Angol Moa!

LisaLighting(your monitor will affect it too. I can barely see the difference on my laptop monitor but it is very noticeable via HDMI out to my TV)

Wanna know what’s really nuts? Check out the Movie Player option for La Mariposa and Lisa’s win poses:


It’s the same character, the same character model, yet somehow there is a VERY noticeable difference in skintone in these in-game thumbnails! I…have no clue how that even works as attempts to recreate this effect have failed.


Indeed, the art book for the game shows her design sketches with a VERY dark skintone and describes her as the LEAST changed character design in the game (they consider Elliot to be the most changed). I would argue this point but whatever. The point is, disaster was averted.
I do still feel the article is interesting and worth reading though as the overall theme was why this was an accidental thing, Japanese culture, and how there is a very specific tan that seems most popular. But nuances like this tend to get lost when everyone wants to get outraged and call everyone else racist.


How about we turn those mirrors in on ourselves? A striking amount of people assumed Lisa, an American, was a Ganguro girl. Why would they assume this? Because she doesn’t “look black”.

Similarly, a very large group of people insisted she must be Latina because she “doesn’t look black”. A point that Itagaki has sadly conceded to on Facebook.

This happens VERY FREQUENTLY with these kinds of characters. I remember when Aisha from Rumble Roses first appeared and everyone assumed she was Ganguro and some still consider her Latina even though she is so stereotypically black she borders on racist! (If she wasn’t so fucking awesome!)

Then we get into anime and Yoruichi and…yeeeah…

It’s honestly like there is a fear of an attractive female character being black! Correction, there IS a fear of it. Remember, I was in the trenches of the “Is Lisa Black” wars of the original Xtreme Beach Volleyball over a decade ago! I saw some shit. I seriously saw people say that Lisa COULDN’T be black because she was too hot and thus must be Latina.


Look, I’m just gonna be blunt: I think black women are hot. That’s what this is really all about.

More accurately, I think ALL races are hot! Every race has unique features which makes them beautiful and that should be embraced. However, while finding Asian women hot is considered normal and finding Latina women hot is pretty much expected, black women are bizarrely treated differently. Like women of African decent are the one kind of woman you are NOT supposed to consider hot.

Oh egad if you knew the number of black girls I know who have a complex about that. Who hate being black. The answer is 3, which is also 100% of the black women I know.

Yeeeeeeeeaaaaah…that’s a fucking issue.

But here’s where it gets extra weird: White guys are generally not allowed to be attracted to black women. To the openly racist folks, it’s weird because black women aren’t attractive. To black people it’s weird because white people aren’t supposed to like black women. This weirdness doubles because a lot of these black guys prefer white women yet consider a white guy being attracted to black women to be “taking away our women”. Yes, seriously. Then you get the “progressives” who think white men shouldn’t be attracted to black women because it’s “exoticising”!

Somehow we have a situation where black women aren’t attractive and it is racist to think they are. The fuck is wrong with the world?!


Want an extra weird bonus? I have a friend who likes “delicious brown girls” in anime, but when I showed him my custom Dynasty Warriors 7 Empires character he got weirded out because I tried to make her ACTUALLY LOOK BLACK!

Yeah, didn’t make that out of somekind of misguided sense of “Social Justice”. I made that because I wanted to know if I could make a hot black girl in Dynasty Warriors. I did.

Think that’s weird? We ain’t even getting started. I noticed that what few black women we have in Western made games (as in pre-made, not customs) were usually in zombie games and NEVER sexualized! Yes, it is here that the LACK of sexualization becomes weird. Why? Because it tells me these characters are only included to show how “progressive” the developers are.


Now keep in mind I’m not saying these characters aren’t attractive. Purna’s artwork in particular looks gorgeous. But you can see a very noticeable difference between how these characters are portrayed versus their lighter skinned counterparts. (Also, how is it every single one I know is from a 4-player co-op zombie game?!)

What’s EXTRA weird is that even during the “Gangsta” game rush of the late PS2 era, finding a sexy black girl was like finding a needle in a haystack. Watching Matt & Woolie go through those many digital embarassments in their “Cryme Tyme” series, I quickly noticed that all of the women were either white or Asian! WTF?!

Now obviously I have no qualms with portraying black women in a non-sexualized way. But if I want a crazy hot black girl, you know where I have to go? JAPAN.


Yeah, the country where light skin is traditionally considered beautiful and they often have difficulty telling people of African decent from people of Indian decent. There are more hot black women in Japanese games than in Western ones. Figure THAT out! Mostly they come from either Shoji Kawamori (creator of Macross, has a black girl in nearly everything he makes) or SEGA (whose older games were frequently aimed at a Western audience).

Now, I don’t wanna say Japan is the pinnacle of progressiveness. That’s stupid. Just like saying an ENTIRE COUNTRY is “racist” or “sexist” is. I know I dance around saying things close to that but I only speak of “traditional” beliefs which are always bullshit.

Rather I want to imply the opposite. That our concerns about not being racist may infact make us racist. Obviously that isn’t all of America, but that is a disconcerning mindset I feel many have.

Again: Sexy black women is racist, they have to be Latina!


Now, one interesting thing in that NeoGAF thread was Cia, the main villain of Hyrule Warriors. When she was good she had very pale white skin and when she turned evil she got a tan. As some pointed out this is visual shorthand like the way “Dark Link” is evil. But, as was also pointed out, Dark Link has literally jet black skin like a shadow whereas Cia has deeply tanned skin like an actual person of assorted ethnic decent. Wanna know why? Because they wanted her to be sexy. It’s kinda hard (though not impossible) to make jet black skin sexy, but deeply tanned skin? Oh yeah!

What did I say about not implying Japan was the pinnacle of progressiveness? Indeed they seem to have put Cia’s sexiness over not appearing racist because the idea just didn’t occur to them. The result is a hot evil woman with dark skin. Ain’t gonna lie, I am totally okay with this and think everyone is reading too much into it anyway. They’re not even human anyway, they’re Hylians so…I dunno.

The Shantae skin color incident was also brought up and I *really* hated the way the poster portrayed it. To quote him directly:

“WayForward was also guilty of it and only modified their sprites when they realised the backlash wouldn’t calm down.”

This irritates me because I have been a Shantae fan since before Day 1 (jumped on the WayForward hype train with Xtreme Sports) and indeed Shantae’s tanned skin was a majorly attractive feature of her. However, each subsequent game made her slightly lighter with some knuckleheads even referring to her “enhanced GBA color pallet” (she’s lighter in GBA Mode because the original GBA made GBC colors darker and muddier so ALL of the GBA colors are lighter than the GBC ones to counterbalance this).


Yes, this annoyed me and when I saw her in Half-Genie Hero I couldn’t believe it as she was paler than Sky!

PalerThanSkyThis wasn’t “whitewashing” to me just going against her character design. She looked like a demon instead of a genie (the somewhat Disgaea-esque new art didn’t help)! Tanned skin was a trademark of the character! But when this was brought to WayForward’s attention they admitted it was an accident that they did not notice and fixed it.

But this is why I am in such a weird place whenever this topic gets brought up: I love Shantae, I love WayForward, I love dark skinned women, I DID complain about the pale skin. But when someone declares WayForward to be RACIST because of it?! “Only changing it when they realized the backlash wouldn’t calm down”?! That makes me angry. It was an accident. It was a WEIRD accident. It’s a very telling accident of our culture. However calling the fine folks at WayForward racist and feeling like you’re some crusader of justice because you bitched at them until they bent to your whim? That’s bullshit.

Similarly though, all of the people saying “don’t censor WayForward” and “not every character needs to be a PoC” drove me NUTS! I DON’T wanna censor WayForward! But this isn’t Shantae’s normal skintone! I mean in many ways it’s the same as complaining about New Dante/Don’te. Fan of the series, liked the character the way they were, noticed a weird change and is wondering why.

I complained because pale Shantae is bland and unattractive. Seriously.


As for Lisa’s race? I like to subscribe to the “mixed as fuck” theory. I mean no one can pinpoint it. In some ways she looks like Halle Barry, in others a bit like Beyonce, and in others she does indeed look Latina. You can’t really pinpoint it. The only clue to her ethnicity is dark skin and that she is “American”. So, I say go all the way with the American thing! We’re all a mix of ethnicities here. You tell me Lisa is Black, Latina, Brazillian, Native American, Asian, and Pacific Islander? I’d totally believe that. (I’d also agree that her race is “Sexy”, but no one gets Surfroid references)

No, I don’t care what Itagaki says because he’s just saying whatever it takes to make DOA5 look bad because he’s jealous of how much more awesome it is without him.

Look, I don’t wanna imply that I’m some pinnacle of progressiveness. That’s bullshit. This is just a collection of unusual observations I have made and you can make of them what you will. I am who I am and that’s a guy who likes hot women of every race. Maybe that makes me a racist somehow. It almost certainly makes me sexist by SOMEONE’S definition. If so then fuck it because I don’t give a fuck anymore.

Because as you know, I am Pro.

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11 Comments on “As You Know I Am Pro: Weird Observations on Black Women in Videogames”

  1. […] UPDATE: It did. Follow-up article can be found here. […]

  2. Göran Isacson Says:

    Heh, I was wondering if you were going to bring this up! I shamefully admit that I actually raised an eyebrow at that article when I saw it, even though I have FUCKING PLAYED Dead or Alive 5… but I blame that solely on the fact that the only thing I REMEMBER from Dead or Alive 5 was Eliots and Brads awesome food-fight, and the rest just blurs into a never-ending cacaphony of poorly directed cutscenes.., also my previously mentioned hang-up on how so many of DOA’s women feel like they have same-face, which 5 admittedly did change up but not enough so that I can always tell, say, Kokoro from Nyotengu from that girl from the DS NInja Gaiden or Tina from Helena from Rachel when they’re all done up in bikinis.

    Still… if this is trolling, it’s in pretty poor taste. Using the issue of whitewashing, a pretty sensitive subject in the nerd circles I run in due to stuff like the Last Airbender movie and the, as you say, pretty prevalent idea that black skin is ugly (which is shit that runs all the way back to the dark days of colonialism where that WAS one of the many reasons white slavers used to excuse pillaging as much of Africa as they could get their hands on and which has repercussions to these days) and using that just to stir some shit is… tasteless, to say the least.

    Regarding that whole “allowed to be attracted”, if what I’m reading is correct most of that stems from the fact that there HAS been so much exoticising. Stuff like “Delicious chocolate”, “jungle fever” or “Yellow fever” even and all that jazz, dudes acting like being attracted to black women makes them super-enlightened, and the violent history between blacks and whites that have lead to this massive power imbalance and when that stuff starts to get called out, the examination between what is just honest attraction and what is people fetishizing and objectifying black women because they feel so naughty for being drawn to something that’s not considered “conventionally attractive” is gonna be a big damn mess.

    The way I figure the situation is to try something I call the Otaku-Behavorial Attraction Test. If your attraction to black women and the way you act and behave around them is functionally identical to the average dysfunctional otakus behaviour around any girl he’d consider “moe”, you’re PROBABLY doing it wrong and being kinda racist. Also I dunno if I can see those girls up there as signs of some “we can’t have sexy black women”, because look at Cassie Cage and Zoey from the same games- they’re not dressed very sexy, are they? Heck, Rochelle is LESS dressed than Zoey even. Purna is wearing more or less the same clothes as Xian Mei. Don’t know who the red-shirt is so I can’t talk there, but your point isn’t exactly strengthened by these examples.

    What I would say is that it seems like the designers who are interested in having black women are usually the ones who are interested in a diverse cast, and also don’t seem to be that interested in fan-servicing them up (or at least not as much as in the past, considering what the developers have said about Mortal Kombat X). Whereas Japan? Japan will fanservice ALL OF THE DESIGNS, right the fuck up. Japan don’t care if you’re a rock, man. Japan will put tits and mini-skirts on the rock. Japan rolls the fanservice bullet-train right to end-station, all day every day.

    Man I don’t even know how to put a bow on this statement and wrap it up. I guess that it just feels like we as a culture have a lot of shit to work out regarding this and that stirring shit like this is just supremely unhelpful, and that until that far-off day where the power imbalance between races is finally adjusted it’s best to just leave it be and try to create more ethnic variety in our fictional heroes WITHOUT mixing sexyness into it, because in one way or another it’s probably gonna feed into some weird fap fantasies white conquerors invented hundreds of years and which despite our best attempts to wash it out is still part of our fucked up cultural heritage. And I say our because while Sweden and the US are different (our colonial ambitions in Africa crashed and burned early so all WE’VE done is tried to destroy our OWN minorities, but us and Africa are mostly chill when our oil-companies aren’t supporting their dictatorships) since we’re such suckers for US pop culture your issues have kinda become OUR issues by osmosis.

    Also final note: going “They’re not even humans anyway” re: Hylians when the ears are pretty much everything that separates them (AND we have seen ACTUAL HUMANS of various ethnicities in the Gerudo and in Twilight Princess) isn’t the most convincing argument… heck, you know what? Speaking of that, Cia and Lana should have been Gerudo. They SO should have been Gerudo! Wouldn’t it have been a cool plot-point to have the tribe that spawned Ganondorf take responsibility for keeping him sealed up? It could even lend some further context for Cia’s resentment of her fate, that some douchebag that was alive hundreds of years ago dooms her to the life of a nun, pining after some guy that’s not even going to look her way because Hylians probably distrust Gerudo ever since that war? Both girls can be dark-skinned, one be the sultry seductive witch and one be the spunky and heroic one, fighting alongside the Hylians with her Gerudo sisters. Would also have been cool to see Ganondorf handle that his own people essentially consider him a giant tool for all the repercussions his actions drew down on them.

    • GEL Says:

      Ah! Good point on Gerudo! Forgot about that. I’d also sayin Ye Olden Days that Hylians had very particular noses (kinda hard to describe really). But yeah, I TOTALLY forgot about Gerudo when writing that. Basically the point I was making was that Hyrule has different ethnicity because it’s a fantasy world. Can’t have people of African decent without Africa! But yes, the Gerudo are a fantastic counterpoint!

      What I said is certainly not trolling, I am being 100% honest with that and indeed I have run out of fucks to give. I feel I’ve spent too much time worrying about coming off as racist or sexist or whatever and it’s getting me nowhere so fuck it because I hate dishonesty more than anything. Far too many people in these sorts of discussions have hidden ulterior motives and it drives me nuts, so I’m just gonna be outright with it.

      Infact, what you say about people feeling “super enlightened” is a good example of what I mean about ulterior motives.

      What you say is true, there is a LOT of baggage there but I think that same baggage is also holding us back. Sometimes in very very weird ways, as is the case with the late PS2 Gangsta game boom. I mean those ARE treating women as just eye candy and objects, they have a certain theme to them, and yet they usually focus on Asian girls. I just…I find it very weird. That’s sorta this whole article: weird observations throughout the years.

      I will say though that I do not understand how reacting the same way to attractive black women as women of other ethnicities makes someone racist. I think maybe I misunderstood that? *shrug*

      • OOPS then I didn’t get a notification for this so I didn’t know there was something here. ANYHOW-

        The “trolling” here didn’t refer to YOUR text, but Itagaki. If HE is, as you say he is, trolling and talking about whitewashing, a subject that’s pretty tangled and sensitive to say the LEAST, just for the sake of luls and attention then I think THAT’S kinda eech. No aspersions cast on you, all in him. Then again, he probably doesn’t care because Itagaki.

        And yeah, the “super enlightened” things is something that I’ve heard from black nerd girls I chat with, on how they’ve met white guys who wanted to date them… and acted like this meant they were on some kind of intellectual level FAR beyond the regular people, and that these black girls should be grateful for these white dudes recognizing how attractive they were. Which is, you know, kinda egotistical and not conducive to getting a girl to feel comfortable around you. They know they’re hot and can offer their hotness to whomever they want, and they would prefer to offer it to someone who didn’t act like recognition of black hotness ALONE makes them deserving of it.

        I think there were also some wires crossed here re: the last sentence. I was trying to say and describe people who react to attractive black women in an EXAGGARATED manner, as I described above. Like when otaku find a new moe-waifu and hyper-focus on like, one or two stereotypical traits of her and complete ignore any bigger picture. This is technically objectification as well, you JUST focus on her being a tsundere, or you JUST focus on her striped socks and just push and push and PUSH that until any actual characterization is completely forgotten, and AAAALL the otaku just call her “Tsundere-chan” or “Sock-chan”. That kinda stuff seems to happen here in some cases as well- it’s not just that you go “I think black girls are hot as girls of any other ethnicity man, maybe in different ways but, you know, it’s all good”. It’s that when peopl go “MMM CHOCOLATE NUBIAN EBONY CURVY GODDESSESSSSS” and the black girls are like “uhm dude I’m skinny, atheist and my skin-tone is a bit lighter than ‘ebony’?” and the dude is like “No hush now the things that I like in black girls must be ascribed to ALL black girls that I like.” Again, hyper-focusing on one or two traits and sort of making those traits into your attraction, rather than just taking things on a case by case basis- maybe that girl’s got a really cute smile, or maybe I like her hair, that girl’s got fantastic breasts and a great laugh” etc. It’s like… people flip so far to the other side of finding black girls completely unattractive that they end up simplifying everything to a bunch of superficial traits. And since the girls are black, they’re gonna hyper-focus on the differences in appearance that separate black people from white people, and it all just ends up… awkward. Does that make anymore sense?

        Also, can’t say I’ve heard much of the PS2 Gangsta boom focusing on Asian girls. Of course, I didn’t really PLAY a lot of PS2 Gangsta boom games so that might have something to do with it.

        Also also- I kinda laugh and cry that you had forgotten about the Gerudo, BECAUSE LORD KNOWS NINTENDO SEEMS TO BE RIGHT THERE WITH YA. One wonders if they felt that making the clearly Arabic-based race thieves and the race from which the villain came from way too awkward in retrospect, and in fear of courting potential controversy they just decided to write them out of their lore as fast as they could? I’d also mention that there are other human sorts besides the Hylians in games like Twilight Princess, like this guy here:
        With round ears and non-“white blonde European-esque” features (people have been saying this guy in question looks kinda Native South American and I can kinda see it?), so it feels like Nintendo sometimes indicate there could be other ethnicities than Hylian in Hyrule, sometimes not.

      • GEL Says:

        And here comes another comment you won’t get notification on! XD Yeah I love how WordPress stops letting you reply after the third one.

        Anyway yeah, I admit, I’m not a big Zelda fan. Nintendo forgetting about the Gerudo could at least be chalked up to them not seeing the games as connected normally, but I DO remember a boom in Gerudo fans for a while and considering the popularity of Ganondorf’s human form…yeah they do need to come back.

        ALSO! There was that catgirl looking lady from Oracle of Seasons! She had a nice tan!

        While we’re on this subject, a friend of mine pointed me to further Western examples of women of color and that jogged my memories about Guild Wars: Nightfall. Yeah, race gets interesting when you go to a fantasy world.

        On the flip side, I seem to have lost ALL hype for MKX because Tanya. Sooo…follow-up post incoming.

        ANYWAY! Thanks for the clarifications and OH MY FUCK at the Eletist Nerds bit. Yeah, that would be HELLA annoying.

        Oh and the PS2 Gangsta Boom? Yeah no one talks about it because at least 90% of those games were garbage and the Asian thing really only stand out when you pay attention.

      • Baines Says:

        I was a bit surprised that Nabooru didn’t make it into Hyrule Warriors. I guess Omega Force felt that there was already enough of an Ocarina of Time presence in the game.

  3. Baines Says:

    The different skin tones in the Movie Player thumbnail link isn’t a big surprise. How we see color depends on lighting, amply blown up into an internet thing with the whole “Is this dress white and gold or blue and black?” image.

    Heck, looking at the video for Josie Rizal in Tekken 7, you can see her skin tone varies based on the lighting. (Her nationality is listed as Philippines.) Her promo render, with a light background and strong light, looks like a Caucasian skin tone. Promo stills of her in a stage has her looking darker, a light brown. But that could be in part because the light is behind her, and the hit sparks from a kick lighten most of her body. The promo video itself (available on YouTube) has her looking a lighter brown than the stage stills, but the whole video looks desaturated (or overpowered by lighting), and fighting against a very pale Asuka makes even that light brown stand out.

  4. For the love of a mecha clad Dorothy Says:

    Say what you will about Itagaki, he actually said in the original FB thread “i did/do not care where Lisa’s family came from at all. i just wanted to create 8th charming girl.” I think that one came from his heart.

    I also think Wilde said it best in his preface to “The Picture of Dorian Gray”: All art is at once surface and symbol. Those who go beneath the surface do so at their peril. Those who read the symbol do so at their peril. It is the spectator, and not life, that art really mirrors.”

    “The artist is the creator of beautiful things. To reveal art and conceal the artist is art’s aim. The critic is he who can translate into another manner or a new material his impression of beautiful things. […] those who find beautiful meanings in beautiful things are the cultivated. For these there is hope. They are the elect to whom beautiful things mean only beauty.”

    “Beauty is an emotional element, a pleasure of ours, which nevertheless we regard as a quality of things.” from “The Sense of Beauty” by George Santayana.

    I think the reason we go to Japan, for hot black women, as odd as it sounds, is because they have not yet ‘learned’ to feel ashamed over this particular pleasure, not to our extent. And I do think it is a learned and a most crippling thing, because it disables one to express ones beauty or ones want of beauty, which is a most terrible state of affairs. The enemy of art is morals and ethics because through it we are taught shame, not taste.

    “No artist has ethical sympathies. An ethical sympathy in an artist is an unpardonable mannerism of style. No artist is ever morbid. The artist can express everything.” Wilde, TPoDG.

    And as for the “truth” of the matter regarding the race/ethnicity of these girls.. hum, let’s just say that, we get by with whatever we convince ourselves, hehe.

    “Science is the response to the demand for information, and in it we ask for the whole truth and nothing but the truth. Art is the response to the demand for entertainment, for the stimulation of our senses and imagination, and truth enters into it only as it subserves these ends.” Santayana, TSoB.

    Very good article, I think you nailed it, friend.

  5. RegalSin Says:

    First off GEL…stfu…………….

    I am getting really tired of this.

    1. The deal with Shantae ( also you forget to mention the official GBC artwork.

    THE TRUTH GEL IS PHOTOSHOP. Back then Gel when they made skin color they wanted it to be appealing to as many people as possible, and people ( remember the air-brushing artwork gel ), when they did art wanted fruit full colors for the characters that was vibrant.

    Think of it like this way Gel. The colors of an working man, who spends his life doing the crops is generally an darken man who looks sun brown. So is the color of many military troops in the Pacific and the Korean war era veteran.

    Then their was color television ( like the ones we grewed up with. Many of the artwork and colors had bright and vibrant colors. Remember “Willy Wonker and the Chocolate Factory”, and “Wizard Of Oz”??? They used these films to show off the usage of color Gel. This is why Oz had and always had an multi-racial cast members, and not just 99% whities and 1%blackies like the
    Grinch-live-action-20XX movie ( remember that movie with the one dark skinned who, who hair was different??? ) or even “Howard the duck” where the one “black” duck was carrying an radio walking down the street ( if you can remember that movie ).
    Colored-television showed off the beauty of tanned, red-skinned, oranged, and yellowed skinned people. YOU REMEMBER THOSE DAYS OF TELEVISION GEL?????

    In fact it is scary when you encounter a person ( especially a man ) in real life who has red-skin. I have always wanted bright red skinned but till this day I have seen an real red-skinned person makes me say OMGSH…wow.

    The point in question Gel with todays, PHOTOSHOP world and DIGITAL ON DEMAND PRINTING. It is far easier to select colors from an image, to get that Hai-Hitler ( everytime I see that windows logo joke I feel like raising my hand ), White. that is what happen to colors Gel.

    They got rid of the traditional artist who would mix colors and generate various feelings from those colors to illuminate or alternate for the actual coloring of something at all. They left us with PHOTOSHOP coloring. Because Gel as an artist THEIR IS NO WAY TO GET AN DEAD ON EXAMPLE OF COLORING FOR ANYTHING. Just look at Movie posters Gel. Asides for Arnold Schwarzenegger do you really think those kinds of colorful people exsist????

    That was back then colored skinned was a great thing. When Whities was trying to mix in or look sexy like the South American force ( because rap music wrecked it up for everybody and turned everything into sour ).

    2. Duh hello…. these people ( most game companies ) are racist and will make the cast racist period. It is part of natural selection. Chances are your cousin, or sister, or aunt when she was an girl ( and was still fresh ) had a bunch of BOY BAND POSTERS ALL OVER HER WALL. What was most of them????

    Chance it was a bunch of whities Mcwhite-folks. Or it was even a person who was some Black guy trying to look white. Or something along those lines. Then they grewed up and discovered that blackie have no money, if any at all. I do not want to sound wrong but that is how it is.


    RIght now in Japan, their is this strange obsession with the older western women. Remember the younger tight lolita obsession Gel? Right now Japanese companies seems to be pushing for an western women that fooks like an Japanese woman. Like in “South Park” where the Sony president was banging an westerner ( American, British, etc ) who was basically an typical Geisha and moved like one too as well.

    Right now that is the thing in Japan Gel. Westerners are in, and with the processing powers of crapspeed, they are trying their hardest to make their games likable to westerners as well Gel.

    Personally you are right Gel, You are right 100% Personally back then nobody cared about age, but In Japan they have this aging generation ( which we are now part of ) and in the west their are many people who are not reproducing at all Gel.

    Their are many people who are not reproducing Gel at all Gel.
    Everybody is getting dumber and stupider about things Gel.

    The point is that we are living in an

    1. A Dickless nation full of fools

    2. Apple CEO is non-heterosexual. and the X-box CEO is an woman. Condalisa Rice is an board of “Drop-Box” as she was part of anti-privacy promotion.

    3. We ( by that I mean you ) are paying for it to all happen..

    4. Everybody is racist or want to have sex or reproduce is blocked by the damage of race or idea of race itself.

    5. They destroyed it all Gel. I just want sombody to hack the DOA
    and allow us to have nude ageless, breastless, ass-less mud-wrestling. Featuring Kim-possible, Dora, and that girl from Lazy Town. It will never happen because the good programmers are too busy getting paid to take part in anti-privacy.

  6. RareBGGamer Says:

    “You tell me Lisa is Black, Latina, Brazillian, Native American, Asian, and Pacific Islander? I’d totally believe that.” Luckily I don’t think Lisa’s character desiger felt the need to break it down like that, lol. He or she just decided to make a Black female character and the beautiful chocolate goddess Lisa of Dead Or Alive Xtreme Beach Volleyball was born. I get what you meant though.

    As a Black girl gamer and anime fan I’m almost always happy when I find that needle in a haystack that is a Black female character. I said almost always happy because I hate when Black female characters, extremely rare as they are, are eliminated completely and replaced with a slightly-less-offensive-to-prejudiced-viewers “ethnically ambiguous” character. Take Sheva for example. She was a Black female character FAIL. A super short haircut and noticeably huge butt doesn’t equal good Black female character design. I’m not saying that Black female characters must look stereotypically Black and have a huge Natural ‘do / be extremely dark-skinned / have overly full lips and hoop earrings and cornrows / etc. but Sheva as Gaming’s groundbreaking African heroine? Nope, try again!

    Your DW8 character is an authentic beauty. Excellent work! But Black females have a varied beauty so when a character designer creates a Black female character with an untraditional feature or two (or three…) she can still be authentic and not look ethnically ambiguous. The only time we end up with an offensive and annoying whitewashed character is when that’s EXACTLY what the company wanted. It’s too extreme to be an accident. Whitewashing never helps the Black character’s popularity anyway because prejudiced people hate Black people and anyone with a drop of Black in them. Sheva’s merely tanned skin and nearly Leon blue eyes endeared her to no one, lol, nor has Lisa’s way more ethnically ambiguous look made her any less unpopular than she was to begin with.

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