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Dungeon Fighter Online, The Best MMO Ever, Is Playable Again!

April 11, 2015

So, about 10 years ago I think, an incredible MMO was released in Korea. It was called Dungeon & Fighter. I waited FIVE YEARS for a US release and we got it…only to have it shut down due to horrible mismanagement. A year later the company that originally released the game ran an Alpha Test, taking the old US version and putting it up again on Global servers to see what happens.

The response was tremendous and they decided to try a proper GLOBAL release. Said Global release is now in Open Beta.

However, gotta be honest, I had a busy couple weeks and didn’t have a chance to post this really: The first Open Beta closes on Monday and there appear to be some good benefits to playing the first Open Beta and collecting some Danjin Coins before the Second Open Beta starts. It’s free so grab it here:

Of course the second reason why I pose this is that Neople posted a somewhat scary Facebook post. While they have a solid hardcore player base, they need to GROW their player base as well and right now (as they’re still in Beta and judging the financial viability of this venture) they’re relying entire on Word Of Mouth so I figured I need to lend my mouth to the cause.

…because seriously, there are only two MMOs in the world to me now: Dungeon Fighter and PSO2. I swear if neither of these have a US release I am going to go nuts.

(author's note: Recommend Vindictus to me and I will rip out your innards.)

What is Dungeon Fighter and Why Should I Care?

DFO is not just any MMO but a 2D BEAT ‘EM UP MMO. Heck the NAME is a combination of Dungeons & Dragons and Street Fighter (Get it? Dungeon & Fighter?) and is indeed quite Shadow Over Mystara inspired. What makes this REALLY sing, however, is that you have a HUGE movelist and combos you can do with Street Fighter-style command inputs. Bigger than any other beat ’em up ever.

On top of that, the game is about 8 years old now. That means two things:

#1) It’ll run on nearly ANY computer. A friend of mine played it on a cheap Celeron PC he got from 1998.

#2) It has a LOT of content!

MMOs, unlike other games, can age VERY well. If an MMO is strongly supported, time allows them to iron out kinks with the original game and add more and more content. With this much time under its belt, DFO is basically massive and irreplaceable.

Basically, if you like Golden Axe, Shadow Over Mystara, Dragon’s Crown, ect. then you NEED to give this a chance!

What’s New Since We Last Played?

Well…apparently everything! See, while we were away the world kinda ended and all of the dungeons (and sprites?) are redone and updated. They’ve also added two Bonus Classes: Dark Knight and Creator. Dark Knight is a Slayer that can use a mix of other Slayer class moves in combo strings (seems kinda PSO2 inspired). Creator is a Mage that aims spells with the mouse (seems kinda The World Ends With You inspired).

Korea has also gotten the Female Slayer and Knight classes and the second Open Beta will give us the Knight.

So yeah! Go give it a shot this weekend!